Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Psummer's Psychedelic Psoundtrack

Hail Voyagers! Once more 'round the Sun and we've arrived back where we belong! And, once again, we're here to bring you a psychedelic soundtrack to your Summer, 2012 style. I love each of the prior four volumes of this series in equal measure - like a parent, but make no mistake this is a precocious little edition.

Out of the gate running! Yes, a Sun Gate. Sixteen bands, five countries, all took up the challenge and have given us their time and talent to bring you this. I'm forever grateful and hope you are, too. Let 'em know, in your own way, either via a comment here or direct contact via other means. Appreciation goes a long way.

So, before the Solstice settles on Europa and the Isle just west, let's on with it!

Here now are the bands we give our biggest Solstice salute to, in tracklist order:

01 - Eastern Magnetics - Albar Nobel Guardian (Reprise) [Toronto,Canada]

02 - Icarus Peel - He Climbed Upstairs Into The Sky [Devonshire, England]

03 - The NoMen - Trip Inside This House [Glasgow, Scotland]

04 - The Blue Giant Zeta Puppies - Ah Om Oh Yay (She Said) [Farncombe, England]

05 - Jeff Beam - Something Came From Nothing [Portland, Maine]

06 - The Vertigo Swirl - Eulipion Sunrise [St. Louis, Missouri]

07 - The Vorticists - Solstice [Bloomington, Indiana]

08 - The Tweeds - A Secret For You And Me (Trip Inside This House) [Philadelphia, Pennsylvania]

09 - The Spyrals - Night Time Colors [San Francisco, California]

10 - Sonic Rising - High Tide [Oxford, England]

11 - George Dorn Quintet - Open Mind [Baden-Württemberg, Germany]

12 - Fedavees - Cannon Canyon [Cambridge, Massachusetts]

13 - Dark Fog - CCpyraling Out Ov Controlllll [Chicago, Illinois]

14 - The Honey Pot - Sweet Orange Sunshine [East of Zennor Cove, England]

15 - Al Lover - Trip Inside This House [Space Francisco, California]

16 - The Seventh Ring of Saturn - Slip Inside This House [Atlanta, Georgia]

17 - The NoMen - Trip Inside This House (Reprise) [Glasgow, Scotland]
THANK YOU BANDS! It's been a privilege to have your participation. You make it possible.
Unsure, right now, about a Volume VI. As has been said, "tomorrow never knows..." Enjoy what we have here and have a great Summer everyone!!!
PS Thanks times a billion to gomonkeygo for the fantastic artwork!
Get Trip Inside This House presents Summer Solstice,Vol. V here!


Cliff. said...

Wow Valis, this looks stellar, downloading now and will listen to it as the sun rises tomorrow. Merci Beaucoup.

squire said...

Wow! Volume 5??? CONGARTULATIONS Valis and all the participating artists!!! Happy Summer!

And Thank you!

Gary / Helicon said...

Fantastic stuff. Can't wait to get me head and ears 'round this. As always, I KNOW it'll be a blast.

Thanks valis and all the bands involved.

sr-71 said...

By jove, you've done it again! Wonderful selection of talent, eh?

dayglo said...

Wow! This looks fantastic, but the download link is now dead. Is there any chance that you could re-upload this, please? I'm a bit late for supper it seems, but I'm still hungry! I really enjoyed the one you did in 2010.

-valis said...

Let me see what I can do dayglo. Thanks for the kind words, too.