Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer, and Psychedelia!

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” -T. S. Eliot

Summer Solstice. A thousand images and feelings conjured by two simple words. My hope is you'll come to extend your own connotations of the two with this humble blog
and believe that, when it comes to psychedelic music, there's no better time than Summer.

We're fortunate we've found so many brave souls who've risked the adventure and taken up the challenge of creating the tracks which you are about to enjoy. Bands of artists who've actually come through for us after stating "Yes I can." or "Yes, I will." It's not in me to hold anything remotely resembling a grudge by those bands who said they would, and didn't. But, they're not here. Let's honor the ones who dared and did:

01 - The Magic Shoppe - Trip Inside This House
Boston's own Josiah Webb & Co. lead it all off with a strong dose.

02 - Secret Colours - BlackholeChicago favorites lead us further into the trip...

03 - The Orange Drop - Soul Cleanser
Psychedelphia's not about to be left out!
Do you feel the world closing in?
Spirals around your eyes
Neon light
It's all too bright

Did I fall out of the sky?
Like an angel in disguise
Who's there?
Who am I?

I just want to cleanse my soul
Chase my demons and become whole
I just want to cleanse my soul
Chase my demons and become whole

Take a trip inside my house
If you cry I'll be nice
I'll try my very best
I hope you do

When I sin I realize
My broken love starts to die
Oh no
I fucked up my flow

I just want to cleanse my soul
Chase my demons and become whole
I just want to cleanse my soul
Chase my demons and become whole

04 - The Dandelion Seeds - Love and Sweet Dreams
Iceland provides the first foray from the international perspective!

05 - Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor - Hole In The Brain
Detroit comes through with another powerful engine of hallucination!
*Added Fri., June 24, courtesy of THE psychedelic video master, blood meridian:

06 - The Sirago 17 - Fever Dream (Playing With Prescriptions)
Clovis, California proves the weird ARE turning pro...

07 - The Telewire - Without A Doubt
Austin, Texas: the birthplace of American psychedelia...

08 - Todd Parker and the Witches - Temple of the Goddess
Sacramento, California. No stranger to anyone who's paying attention to the strange.

09 - ROSCO - AAA Trip Inside This HouseSterling Roswell, ex-Spacemen 3, representing the U.K....

10 - Tone Rodent - Black Iron
St. Louis' own come through with a nod to...PKD!

11 - The Brian Wilson Shock Treatment - King Of Atlantis
Brooklyn, New York, submerging...

12 - Stay - Lucky StarBarcelona, Spain's own deliver Sol y psych'...

13 - Fantasmes - Tell Me
* added Fri.,June 24, courtesy of THE psychedelic video master, blood meridian:

14 - Fantasmes - Tell Me (Nothing Is Wrong)
Puerto Rico's "full of sunshine" band end it all with a mesmerizing two-part trip!

So.., there you have it. Vol. IV of the Trip Inside This House, Summer Solstice, compilation. (I'll have the download link up and ready later this morning.)My eternal gratitude to each of the bands who've taken the time to deliver this special Trip! I hope you can find the time to thank them as well, in your own way. They deserve your support. Get it here!(* Note: all tracks are copyright to their original creators. Play & air them freely. Share the love. Give 'em credit.)Art is here.

The tracks will be getting their official debut later this morning, 5am central time in the USA, on my radio show. Listen live! Become a Fan of the show while you're there!

Finally, thanks to Mr. Atavist for his fantastic artwork. You've kept the tradition whilst being completely original. I'm thankful.


Gary Sharp said...

Great stuff - can't wait to get my ears and head in to this.

Jørn Smedslund said...

An excellent tradition!

Jørn Smedslund said...

An excellent tradition!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me a part of it, part of a fine tradition!

Terri said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Summer to all and THANK YOU VALIS & CONTRIBUTORS!!! We love you all.

sirago17 said...

It's an honor and a privilege, sir!!!

Alpo said...

Wow, I'm trippin' out on this first track by The Magic Shoppe, it is just awesome and brilliant...and the next track is by Secret Colours, arguably the best CD in the last year, and it is haunting and creepy and totally enveloping me...are you kidding, I am totally smitten, and I am only 2 tracks in...thank you and God bless!


Cliff. said...

These Trip Inside This House Solstice compilations have now firmly become a part of my Solstice celebrations, Thanks for spreading the 'Psychedelic' word mon ami. Fanatastic artwork from Monsieur Atavist too.

sr-71 said...

more TITH awesome sauce!

Helicon said...

Outstanding album yet again - and completely gratis. Impeccable collection of songs. Great artwork by Mr. Atavist too.

This album + raining in Scotland = summer has begun!

Anonymous said...

Love it Valis. You are such a good man for putting this together and bringing us such listening pleasure.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic, thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

just entrancing.

very good things here, it's a real treat.

ScottDP said...

i don't mean to sound ungrateful but the link to download this fantastic album leads to Rapidshare and i don't see a way to download it unless i have a paid account or sign up with RS sponsors "deals" in order to get the download for free. Am i missing something?

Anonymous said...

Is there a central place to get these compilations? I don't see any links.

Gary said...

Really looking forward to this.I am a big fan of the 60's 70's stuff and have just started to discover these newer bands on here.Really impressed.For fans of this new type of psych music try the Psychedelica series on northern star records.Some excellent bands on them.THANK YOU for turning me on to some cool vibes !!Great blog!

i-dream-supersonic said...

thank you very much!!!!!!!i''ll enjoy it like a cool summer aperitif on my beach trip in santa cruz...cheers!!!

Horror said...

Ahoy, TITH, is there any chance for a re-up! Cheers! All the best from Rumania!