Tuesday, November 29, 2011

-valis Pick of the Week

Hail Voyagers! Well, "better late than never" is fitting for this week's Pick of. Released back on May 12th, Random Noises And Organised Sounds, by the Koolaid Electric Company, is one not to miss whenever you come to it!

(* Cover art designed by Chrissie Abbott)

Over the course of the album's nine tracks they manage to show why their devil-may-care attitude toward management, labels, etc., may be sound strategy. Their launch party for the album was a sold out show and by all reports was an incredible evening's psychedelic entertainment.

Try these:


Brillig stuff, to these ears! And thanks to collin a. for yet another solid tip.
Sincere best to the Koolaid Electric Company!!!

You can listen to the archived stream here; or, hear it this Friday, on The Dead Man's Turn Me On, Dead Man show on Live365, where it's heard every Friday at noon eastern time, as well as Mr. Atavist's Sunrise Ocean Bender show, heard every Friday from 3 to 6am eastern, on WRIR in Richmond, VA.

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I do like my elephants pink!