Tuesday, November 02, 2010

-valis Pick of the Week

How about a new weekly feature? Although "the -valis Pick of the Week" has been running for nearly four years, in some form or other, I thought it high time to highlight this featured band on a weekly basis. The "Pick of the Week" got its start way back when through the gentleman known as "The Cheesy Dudes" and their psychedelic radio show, Psychedelic Velveeta, out of Fargo, ND.

Randy & Al generously offered to air my pick on their show and it was up and running. Now that I've had my radio show for almost two years, (Nov. 16th), and air it first there we've added two other shows: The Dead Man's Turn Me On, Dead Man show on Live365, where it's heard every Friday at noon eastern time. Also, I'm extremely happy Mr. Atavist has signed on to air the Pick of the Week on his Sunrise Ocean Bender show, heard every Friday from 3 to 6am, on WRIR in Richmond, VA!

(Oddly enough, as I've just discovered, Sunrise Ocean Bender was added just as the decision was being made by Randy & Al to retire Psychedelic Velveeta. Sorry to see it go. Truly. Life goes on and I know the guys in Fargo didn't take the decision lightly nor hurriedly. Best wishes on your future endeavors!)

OK, so there's a bit of background which I will not repeat in subsequent weeks. Now, on with it!

This week's Pick of the Week is Portland's own The Upsidedown!

They've recently released their new album, The Town With Bad Wiring, (always mit der electrical references) on Reverb Records. And while their last, Human Destination, made my Best of 2008 list, #4 actually, I think this album is even better.The weighty influence of the Dandy Warhols has loosened and this one feels heavier, more organic, than the last. They're also more inclined to get entrenched in a great groove and mine it to see where it takes them-and us. I chose two tracks to play on air this morning, illustrative of this notion: "Hang On" and "La Paloma." Congrat's The Upsidedown! Keep 'em coming! Highest recommend.


squire said...

Love the addition. Had no idea Valis pick of the week was being presented in so many forums. Glad to see it here as well! (as it should be):)

Terri said...

Great album! Hang On is already a classic. Agreed that this new one is better than the excellent Human Destination. Thanks, Valis!

Cliff. said...

'Town With Bad Wiring' sounds like a must have addition to the collection. Merci beaucoup for (yet)another nod in the right direction of top sounds.