Friday, October 29, 2010

The Wayback Machine

Hail Voyagers! Happy Friday, too. Excited no end over today's guest as I've been a fan for quite some time, as have most of you. But first, prologue.

One can, as a listening fan, go several ways in initial thoughts when a favorite band puts out an album which is all covers. We often go those directions simultaneously, in direct opposition to physics. Me, I think they're either exhausted of the laborious creating of originals, or...they're in earnest about paying homage to bygone heroes who might have inspired their brand of music.

Either way, the tale's gonna' be told in the hearing. I knew when I heard their take on "Get Me To The World On Time," a tune penned by the Tucker/Mantz machine for the Electric Prunes in '67, for their Freaking Out album. You've also gotta' salute and dance when they resurrect a Banana Splits tune, too! ("Gonna Find A Cave".)Damnably good to hear their take on the Vertebrats' "Left In The Dark" and we DO need yet another version of the Open Mind's "Magic Potion."

It's Sam Steinig! Keyboardist extraordinaire for Mondo Topless! (Philly's an embarrassment of riches, eh?)

I've maintained for some time, in my own inner thought ways, the psych' and garage musicians, (probably the neo-proggers, too,) have the best record collections and a far better sense of music's history. They're fans. It shows. They want to hear this music on this album, played live, as much as we do. So, with the chance to take a ride on the machine where's Sam going?

You've been given a one-time opportunity to use The Wayback Machine; what band in what year are you going back in time to see-and, what song do you most want to hear while there?

Sam: The Sonics. 1964. Live at The Spanish Castle. Playing "Psycho."

Sam shot the following himself:

Mondo Topless are about to head out on a four city Midwest Tour, starting next Wednesday, Nov. 3, in Ypsilanti, MI-with stops in Milwaukee and Chicago in between, and culminating with the Beat N' Soul Weekend in St. Louis at Off Broadway. Hope you catch 'em.

Thanks Sam! You do have savoir-faire!

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Cliff. said...

Has to be my fave choice yet, room for one more in the machine too?