Friday, October 22, 2010


Hail Voyagers!

Wow! It's been a LONG time since we've run this feature. Too long. Now things have built up to the point of bursting. So, let's on with it as I settle into the chair here at subterranean HQ with the new High Dials CD playing on the stereo. Away we go:

Unsure how many of you are aware of Chicago's Secret Colours but I've enjoyed them for quite some time now; they've gone and covered THE "psychedelic shot heard 'round the world" here! (Try the album! Highest recommend.)

You should also be aware of great friend and psych' videographer extraordinaire blood meridian by now. He's also a builder of great mixes for mind travel, try this one.

Next up, the Sirago 17. Pride of Clovis, California. Shoegaze. Recommended!

In a world where the music business is rotting like a gangrened foot and the models & modes change daily isn't it nice to know there's a pair of dedicated loons who not only love the vinyl format but are willing to take chances in the format we've not seen since the heyday of the 60s-turning-to-70s era: Fruits de Mer Records! All hail!
They've just released the 7" of Sendelica's A Nice Pear, "combining covers of The Velvet Underground ('Venus in Furs') and Funkedelic ('Maggot Brain')." Erm, HELL YES! (Look at THIS discography and tell me who's close to their league of genius?) Highest praise.

While I'm doffing headwear here's a great interview by Bad Afro labelhead Lars. He's been through the up and down of the biz. He's a survivor.

How about another? A group who's hearts and minds are clearly in the right place, try The Daydream Generation for their support of the bands trying. Deserves your support and worth the time to explore.

Salute and a tip o' the helmet to Maciej who's spreading the gospel of psychedelia via his dual language blog, (in Polish and English), called Psychedelic Sounds Of Confusion . Worth paying attention to just to check where his head's at. (Check out Polish psych' n' rollers, Rachael on MySpace, too!)

For the highbrows among us, and I know there's at least one, there's the Psychedelic Press. Self-defined as "an island for reviews, interviews and opinions on psychedelic literature, trip lit and drug-related writing." Indeed. if you're not listening to it read about it! Lifelong learning for a sharpened mind. (Have to replace those brain cells somehow Ibn Sena.)

For those who prefer the nice pictures as opposed to pumping the brain via reading, there's always this, Ten Trippiest On Adult Swim.

More pics you say? How about Sleevage..? A blog devoted to cover art. Offering a myriad drop down menus for easy searching by genre, style, art collective, label, etc.

NPR doesn't ignore our favorite genre either. Egon has written this piece, posted this past Monday, titled Unearthing Five Lost Gems From Psychedelic India.

More music..? OK flyers. Many of you know of my love for Australia's The Sun Blindness. Well, they've kindly provided us with a bootleg of a live show, Live At Builders Arms, which you download here! The Sun Blindness also inform us "
It looks like our new album, the title of which has been finalized as "Far Arden", will be coming out on Sensory Projects in Feb-March 2010. We're working on the artwork and such at the moment and can't wait to release it!" Thanks Tor & Duncan!

Alright, that should hold you over until next week's post. In the meantime, while enjoying the above bounty, think on these things:

#1 - if you're a follower of this blog how about weighing in with your own idea(s) on "The Wayback Machine." You know the question, what's your answer? (Place in comments and I won't publish the comment until I use it.)

#2 - is there a band member/musician you'd like to see us go after for the survey? The Wayback Machine? Leave it in the comments and I won't publish until I surprise you.

#3 - think you know British Psychedelic Music? Well, read on:

"Hi all, MS (Editor: Marmalade Skies) has been a bit dead this year because I've been a bit too busy with the Radio thing, and also not feeling too well,
but how about we get things moving again with a good old Poll? But this year we
won't have a HOPS Poll. Instead let's have a special poll in which we discover
what is your favourite British Psych Pop Song.

Please send me your Top 5 Brit Psych-Pop tracks (in order of preference).
Top nominations will receive 5 points, down to the 5th nomination receiving 1 point. When the poll closes I'll tot up the scores and play the top rated tracks on my world renowned (ahem) Rose Coloured Glasses show (In December, exact dates TBC)
The poll is open now, so please send your votes to me at

The poll closes at midnight 30th November 2010, so plenty of time for you to think about your nominations. Oh, and just so we don't end up with long,heated
debates about which songs qualify for the poll...well... Psychedelia, Psych-Pop,
Pop-Sike, Freakbeat, Sunshine Pop, Toytown's all good, and if YOU think
that a song qualifies then vote for it (Same applies to the 'Is it British'
question in cases such as the JH Experience) Any era, any length, anything you
like. I look forward to receiving your votes.


Have a great weekend everyone!Psychedelia forever! -valis

PS Have a site worthy of the next Holo-Hagiography post? Post it in the comments and I'll save it.


Anonymous said...

I'm only on the first link and already I'm hooked. In the nicest possible way I'm always buzzing about the first recommendation... But dying to leave them because I know the next band will blow my mind, if that makes sense.??.

Thank you valis, ALWAYS an honour.

Gary S and Gary H

squire said...

Awesome post Valis! Plenty to check out!! THANK YOU!

Cliff. said...

Much aplenty to keep me occupied on my lonesome this week. Love a good poll too.

Listening to the radio right now, there's a geezer presenting a show who sure knows his stuff ha ha.