Friday, October 15, 2010

TRIP Into October

Hail Voyagers!

Ha! You're belief which obtains Fall is a season for cooling and respite from Summer's blaze will do you no good as regards DJ Stod's TRIP Into October!

Once again the mastermind sears the neural pathways and smokes your Sennheisers with this latest offering. Guidance systems on. Coordinates locked in. Vector: Deep Innerspace.

Sendspace or Rapidshare! Safe journeys friends...


01 Magic Castles Ballad of the Golden Bird
02 The Volta Sound Ano Domination
03 The Higher State Do You See Me?
04 One Dove White Love (excerpt)
05 The Ponys Harakiri
06 The Third Sound Re-Elevation
07 Hawkeye Cracking Like a Whip
08 Dead Skeletons When The Son Comes Up
09 Annexus Quam Osmose Pt. 1
10 White Noise Sound There Is No Tomorrow
11 The Warlocks Song For Nico
12 Psychic Ills 4AM
13 The Cold War Direction Black Majik (final)


alpo said...

Thank you, Valis and DJ Stod for yet another gift to us hungry psych-mongers...must say this is an especially delicious and delirious Trip...will be back soon to take a stab at some...


gary helicon said...

amazing stuff again keith. Was a pleasure to meet you at black angels gig.