Saturday, October 09, 2010

Aerials UP!

Hail Voyagers!

I wanted to tip you all to some of the various options & alternatives we have for enjoying psychedelic music across this vast space known as the interweb. They are legion.

When you just want someone else to drive, turning over the reins of the internal guidance machine, here's a few places I recommend without equivocation:

Monday thru' Friday:

Via the always-on magic of Live365, the Dead Man's own Turn Me On, Dead Man has been doing the trick for my ears for several years. The depth & breadth of his playlists always astound. Also airs the occasional themed -and well-researched, special.


A bit of the 'toot your own' here, (but I'm rather proud of my show.) Heard from 5am to 7am locally (Central time, USA; that's 11am to 1pm in the UK & noon to 2pm in Europe) from KDHX in St. Louis. Trip Inside This House is also available via streaming archive for two weeks beyond any one show's air date. At your will & whim friends. (Why not register and become a Fan..? It would mean a lot to me.)

Tuesdays & Thursdays:

The estimable Mick Capewell, of Marmalade Skies fame, is on twice a week (also possibly Sundays, too) with a great show mirroring his own unique tastes for all things psychedelic and beyond through Herne Bay's Radio Cabin. I rarely miss the Thursday night show, on from 10pm to midnight in the UK, which is 4pm to 6pm where I sit. Also, his shows are available to download shortly after airing, here.


A recent discovery, (glad of it, too!), is the Sunrise Ocean Bender show on WRIR in Richmond, VA. Mr. Atavist lights up airwaves from 3am to 6am Eastern (US) and his shows are made available as downloads soon after here. (his blog is well worth the perusal as well, with interviews of Todd Parker, Mugstar, etc.)


If it's Saturday it must mean the Cheesy Dudes at Psychedelic Velveeta! Randy & Al, along with the infamous "Reducer," bring to light some of the best in modern purveyors of psychedelia alongside liberal doses of the classics of the genre. Hilarity ensues in this fun time which airs at 9pm to 11pm, (Mountain, US), on KNDS in Fargo, ND!

Random Airings:

Anton Newcombe of the BJM has always known his stuff when it comes to music, and as he's proclaimed We Are The Radio, he's showing us he means it! Together with friend Nonni in Iceland their show emanates from Berlin via U-Stream here

Also, great friend of the blog Jerry Kranitz and his amazing Aural Innovations website hosts some great internet shows; the newest of the bunch is DJ Astro, of the Psychotropic Zone, and his Astral Visions show. Downloadable.

So, these should keep your Sennheisers burning whilst enlightening you to the scope of this Renaissance we're in the midst of in this our favorite genre.

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Cliff said...

Thanking you kindly good sir for further enlightening moi encore. I salute you for 'blowing the trumpet,' as it were of other sites that will ineveitably be of interest to myself and other like minded individuals, who also need to feed their psychedelic habits.