Friday, October 01, 2010

The Wayback Machine

Hail Voyagers! Happy Friday also. Once again we bring you the joys & delights of the fantastic "what if?" known as The Wayback Machine, where all things time travel are possible. (In theory, one would have to at least consider fans of psychedelia should have larger than normal imaginations. Easy for me to defend this theory.)

So, today's guest was last seen 'round Trip Inside This House during a "10 Questions" segment in June of 2008. That's far too long, imho.

Impetus for this return visit stems from the fact we've received news of a brand new WHEN album just completed and in the process of mastering. (Some lucky label is gonna' swoop down and grab this opportunity!)It's been since 2007's Trippy Happy Jester since we last heard from Norway's own Lars Pedersen & Haakon Ellingsen, so I am excited to hear what they've cooked up for us! (We'll hip you wise when anything breaks on date of release, etc. Stay tuned.)

On with the trip!

You've been given a one-time opportunity to use The Wayback Machine; what band in what year are you going back in time to see-and, what song do you most want to hear while there?

Haakon: Would be great with The Byrds! Once again...
How about being there when they perform "Goin Back" from "The Notorious Byrd Brothers"...1967...and I would not hesitate if David Crosby sang too... with that pre-rafaelite clothing...

Safe journeys Haakon! Also, best to you & Lars for a success-filled 2011 with the new When album! We'll all be Trippy Happy Jesters hangin' with the Lobster Boys and trying some Psychedelic Wunderbaum once it comes out!

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squire said...

A Lovely trip back.