Friday, September 24, 2010

TRIP Into (Outta') September

Just in time for your weekend's pleasure DJ Stod' delivers a fresh breeze completely in keeping with the seasonal change. Hand-built to be as cool as you. Grab the headphones and welcome in another great installment by the Psyilocybin Man!

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Track List - TRIP Into September

01 Bad Liquor Pond Avatar
02 Chief Nowhere Across The Purple Plain
03 Mugwump Establishment Mondo Hollywood Freakout
04 Atlas Sound Activation
05 Bob Downes Tunnels Electronic
06 The Psychedelic Schafferson Jetplane No Return Blues
07 Lucifer Sun Amplifier Mantra
08 The Lovetones Navigator
09 The Brian Jonestown Massacre If Love Is The Drug (Alternate)
10 Lower Heaven Lose It All At Once
11 The Black Strands Here It Comes (All Around You) (Demo)
12 The Orange Drop Haven't You Heard? (your opinion = shit)
13 The Coral Migraine (Album Version)


alpo said...

Awesome again, lots of instrumental trax to ponder. Heard 3 songs in a row that I have on my iPod, now I just have to identify them! Thank you, was worth the wait!


PS Please let us in on August artists/songs when you have a chance!

Anonymous said...

We've just spent 3 hours (or there abouts) listening to 'Trip Into...' and Tuesday's show from valis. Outstanding - thank you both.

Gary and Gary / Helicon

alpo said...

Loved the Bad Liqour Pond and The Psychedelic Schafferson Jetplane jams, which I've never heard! Also the Lovetones and Lower Heaven songs are both sheer bliss.