Friday, November 12, 2010

TRIP Into November

November comes. Early darkness. Hints of future cool. Speaking of "future cool," I believe you'll be very cool in the future, post-listen to DJ Stod's offering as our TRIP Into November. He's got the touch. He's cool, too.

Try it: Sendspace or RapidShare.

(I understand he's in Berlin right now for some top secret meetings which could alter the course of the future. Ja?)

* I've also just posted the tracklist for last month's TRIP.

TRIP Into November Tracklst:
1 Bardo Pond Call The Doctor
2 Hipnoascensión azul
3 Music Emporium Gentle Thursday
4 White Manna Don't Gun Us Down
5 The Asteroid No.4 Mellow Beach
6 Faust Just A Second (Starts Like That!)
7 Bosques Dormi o ve
8 Helicon Panic, Everything Is OK
9 The Psychedelic Schafferson Jetplane A Message from the Underground Bunkers
10 Ultimate Spinach your head is reeling
11 Sunsplit feat. Sam Barrett A Day for May
12 Blue Angel Lounge Secure Existence
13 Deerhunter Spring Hall Convert


DaveCromwell said...

I've come to know and enjoy the work that Valis and DJ Stod do here. The sound collages often make perfect backdrops for my daily encounters.

Cheers, Gentlemen

-valis said...

Thanks Dave! (Great write-up on your CMJ experiences!)

DaveCromwell said...

Why thank *you* Valis.
I'm glad to hear you read one of my posts. Would it be too forward of me to ask you to follow my blog? I promise I won't overload your "Dashboard" stream (I tend to post 2 to 3 blogs, tops - per month). However, an "endorsement" from the great Valis would be high honors indeed.

Helicon said...

Another truly outstanding piece of work - never seems to boggle the mind how well Sir Keith can piece these things together.

As always, thank you both!


PS - Dave, I WILL be spending more time in your 'space'. Keep up the outstanding work.

BOSQUES said...

hey guys, thanks for include our song "Dormi o ve" in this record release.
here is the full album if you want to hear more.
download is free, so if you want, you can upload it to the blog.

BOSQUES - Pleroma Sum (2010)