Tuesday, November 16, 2010

-valis Pick of the Week

Another week, another Pick. What a Pick, too! Our friend, the wonderfully strange and way-off-center nabob, Anton Barbeau, has just released Psychedelic Mynde of Moses, on Idiot Records. (Handled by 125 Records.)

(Cover photo by Karen F.)

Anton seems to be suffering no lack of tea, nor any shortage of mushrooms either, as evidenced by the suurealist lyrical bent which is his métier. The opening trifecta is as strong as any triplet I've heard this year, or any other. Support his strangeness! (Listen to "Fuzzchild" on his website, or via the streaming archive of today's show here.)

1 comment:

DaveCromwell said...

Listening in now, good sir.

(and thank you)

Any chance of inclusion in your "Outbound Flights" ?