Tuesday, May 05, 2015

-valis Pick of the Week

Hail Voyagers! The Pick this week calls Humboldt, California, home: White Manna! They're about to release their fourth LP, Pan, from May 21st to June 1, depending on format. Available in the US via Captcha Records, and in Europe by Cardinal Fuzz.

Seven tracks and 44 minutes of pure pummeling joy. They've clearly accessed the local cash crop to take us to Aldebaran. And leave us there. We are stoned immaculate. As Cardinal Fuzz puts it:
"Pan is the next logical step for White Manna, as tracks flow from guitar blasting amplifier destroying worship to super-cosmische space rock epics and then comes back for more ferocious Stooges pounding fuzzed up Hawkwind inspired freak flag waving wildness. Inspired by the Northern Californian landscape, the natural mystic of Pan is informed by, as guitarist David Johnson states, “…the trees, beaches, and open spaces where we live are all integral parts of our approach to music.” The album recording was dialled in at the Compound Manila and laid to tape at Lucky Cat Recording by the legendary Phil Manley. The psychedelic mazes on the cover art are brought to you by the amazing, AP Shrewsbury. Pan is an album of a band at the height of their game."

They'll be opening skulls at this weekend's Levitation Fest, playing Friday, May 8th, at 4:15pm.
Smoke 'em if you got 'em...

You can listen to the archived stream here; or, hear it this Friday, on The Dead Man's Turn Me On, Dead Man show on Live365, where it's heard every Friday at noon eastern time, as well as Mr. Atavist's Sunrise Ocean Bender show, heard every other Thursday from 11pm to 1 am eastern, on WRIR in Richmond, VA.

Adding the Pick of the Week to their show is Dogs Got A Bone out of Edinburgh, Scotland, from 10pm to midnight, Mondays, U.K. time, (adjust accordingly,) on Belter Radio. Thanks Col Chant!

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