Saturday, June 21, 2014

Psychedelic Psolstice, the Pseventh!

Hail Voyagers, and Happy Solstice!

"Because the world is round it turns me on..."

We've traveled around the bright Orb yet again and rejoice at the season now upon us. So let us celebrate this superior of all season's, (imho, of course,) with yet another psychedelic soundtrack for those hazy, crazy daze!
This year ten bands brought forth a new exclusive track to fulfill your desire for original hallucinatory concoctions. Five different countries. Three continents. One tiny island. I salute their efforts in service to psychedelia!I hope you do, too. To give of their time and talents is no small achievement. Reach out, in your own way, to the bands and let them know it means something. Or, leave a comment here and I'll make sure it gets posted.

Without further ado, let's meet the bands:

01. Uberfuzz - (England) - Let's Take The Tor
Veteran psychedelic maestro Paul LeKeux kicks off this seventh volume with a whip-smart, acid-tinged ode.

02. The Happy Fallen - (England) - Lost And Found
Another one-man band, Neale James, offers up a glimpse at what it looks like 2,000 Lightyears from home.

03. My Expansive Awareness - (Spain) - Lysergic Waltz
Wild, wobbly, and weird, the Spaniards are in full stride across the Universe.
04. Celestial Bums - (Spain) - Magnolias (I See Them Everywhere)
More Spanish madness, with Magnolias! Lyrics:
I saw the white moon from the top of the roof and the desert finally cheered up.
What is night for other beings is the day for the Goddes so come on and celebrate it with us.
Trip inside this house x3

Like that coast to coast road trip that I made back six years, all my senses woke up for her.
She was bright and white and sweet and she smelled like vanilla and right now I just see her everywhere.

Trip inside this house x3

05. Frantic Chant - (Scotland) - Broken Biscuit Head
Scotlanders busting bread, and brains. All's right with our world.They're not high enough.

06. Ontopsych - (USA) - Prayer
The youngest of the bunch proves the kids are alright.

07. Rob Clarke & The Wooltones - (England) - Ambrosine
Swaggering and simmering sunshiney girl daydreams.

08. The Solar System - (USA) - Chalk In The Air
Chris Oliver & Co. bring some Detroit to the party!

09. The Dead-End Alley band - (Peru) - Devil's Mask
Something's brewing in South America, where they know from hallucinogens!Nazca?

10. The Red Plastic Buddha - (USA) - Trip Inside This House
Ferguson and his collection of madcaps laughing close the volume in full flyte, Psycago style.

10 tracks, 41 minutes. Plenty to sate the appetite and celebrate the full return of the Sun to its rightful spot. Have at it, here. (I will upload to SoundCloud, too. Later this week.)Happy Solstice friends!!!

*** Special thanks to our friend Joel Ward for the artwork! For those of you who remember the halcyon days of U-Spaces he's responsible for many of the covers and tracklist trays you've enjoyed all these years. Joel is also responsible for the artwork on Volume 2. We're honored and humbled to have him back. A tip o' the helmet!

May you meet your own girl with kaleidoscope eyes who serves you peachfish and whipped cream some sunny Summer afternoon! -valis

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Alpo said...

Thank you all for your generous gift of time , music, and love. Favorites already on first listen are Frantic Chants, Celestial Burn, and Happy Fallen. I'm sure there'll be more on next spin!