Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Swingin' London!

While I'm certain I'm sometimes prone to hyperbole I'm also nothing short of amazed by the comeback mounted by The Chemistry Set. After a 20 year gap in releases they're just as relevant now as they were when back in their ubiquitous late '80s, early '90s days.

Last year's This Day Will Never Happen Again, released on Dead Bees label has garnered attention once again, and rightfully so. While updating their sound without sacrificing the stylistic qualities we've come to love them for, the album proves The Chemistry Set as creative and imaginative as any psychedelic band going today.
They're back!

Which brings us 'round to our mission here today: they are indeed BACK! Back in London for their first gig on English soil in over 20 years. Playing to sold-out crowds in Spain over the past year has proven they've got the goods to deliver a great evening's entertainment. So, for those of you anywhere near the capital city this Saturday, June 18th, make your way....otherwise, This Day Will Never Happen Again.

They'll be playing The Garage, (" The Relentless Garage is a music venue located at 20-22 Highbury Corner, just across from Highbury & Islington Underground Station. The upstairs music space has a capacity of 150, with the larger downstairs area having capacity at 630 guests.") Tickets here!

Say "Hi!" to Dave, and tell him "-valis sent me!"


DaveCromwell said...

Wonderful news!

Wish I could attend.

They need to come to New York as well!

Cliff. said...

I was there in spirit, wish I'd been there in person.