Friday, June 17, 2011

And so it begins...

It's that time of year friends! The annual run-up to the High Holy Day, Summer Solstice! Who better to kick off the pre-Solstice celebrations than our great friend & psychedelic psounds Wizard, DJ Stod'..?

Though busier than a very busy thing, he's taken the time to assemble a new mix of the great stuff because, as he says: "can't get much time for mixes at the moment however as it's THAT month then here you go..."

THAT month indeed! So, enjoy the weekend with this, and tune into June!

Thanks DJ Stod'!!!


Alpo said...

Thanx for some new trip housecalls, DJ Stod and Valis! We'll be surely looking forward to this handpicked mushroom. Meanwhile, if there's a chance, would you mind updating the most recent trip from March 4th? We've been patiently awaiting. Thank you tons!


Stodmeister said...

Tune Into March

1 Floorian Missed
2 Dum Dum Girls Play With Fire
3 Jatun Blanket Of Ash
4 Kalacakra Deja Vu
5 Marconi Union Buildings And People
6 The Laurels Going In Circles
7 Hallogallo 2010 Blinkgu¦êrtel
8 Hipnoascensión Flota
9 Bad Liquor Pond Great Planes
10 Kinski Your Lights Are (Out Or
11 Colorsound God Incarne shankar
12 The Vacant Lots Abyss
13 Deerhunter Strange Lights
14 The Sun Blindness The Acid Carousel