Friday, February 04, 2011

TUNE Into...

New year, new tricks from the Master -DJ Stod! After the month hiatus he's back and in full-on psychedelic mode to bedazzle and bewilder your ears and the stuff between 'em. Are you ready? Get it, here! Then, let him know what you thought. OK? (Tracklist posted in a few weeks.)


01 The Falling Spikes - Feedback Plan B
02 Ultimate Spinach - Mind Flowers
03 Death In Vegas - Anita Berber
04 Secret Colours - Chemical Swirl
05 Juan Trip' - Overby
06 Dead Mellotron - 1993
07 Lower Heaven - Fallen Angel
08 Red Winter - Luna
09 fuxa - Marty Suicide
10 Lovedust* - Space Kadets
11 Asteroid #4 - Losing Touch With My Mind
12 Glissage - Burned In Blue

* - w/Ricky Maymi, BJM


Cliff. said...

Grabbing the link as I write but I'll wait until the tracklist appears before even attempting to listen. It's a case of preserving my sanity, I'd only be bugging you Valis with enquiries about at least half the content. Thanking you most kindly Monsieur Stod.

Alpo said...

Wow, thanks for another house-trip, Valis! Being a Beantown boy, loved hearing Mind Flowers by Ultimate to see them many times at Boston Tea Party on East Berkeley St....Barbara Hudson was my siren then...thanks for keeping their great sound alive.

Alpo said...

A tip of the hat to the unparalleled DJ Stod for all the great stuff you find and let us in on...


gary helicon said...

Amazing as usual Keith. I was getting withdrawals when I hadn't heard Trip into Jan. Thanks so much Valis and Keith for our monthly dose!