Friday, August 13, 2010

TRIP Into August

With the days of the Dog Star upon us and the benevolent rays of the "Twin Suns" heating (many of) us to near-boiling, there's nothing so refreshing as a cool mix by a cool DJ.
We have such a DJ here working constantly for your pleasure, DJ Stod'. Because when he's not bringing the cognescenti of barcelona to their knees he's building aural spacepods for our own trips.

Let us fly: Via RapidShare Via SendSpace're clear for take-off.


01. Gila Kollaps
02. Hawkwind Mirror Of Illusion
03. Fuzz Beloved Sun Charade
04. Bad Liquor Pond The Beginning Meets The End
05. Barn Owl Tomb Of The Sun King
06. The Black Angels Bad Vibrations
07. Chambers Brothers Time Has Come Today
08. Sleepy Sun Acid Love
09. Kalacakra Vamos
10. Spectrum Meets Capt. Memphis Mary Reprise
11. Floorian The Lower Room
12. Helicon Introduction To An Interlude


Gary said...

Now we're talking, valis!!!

Oh, happy day.

alpo said...

Awesome, The Chambers Brothers, forget about it! Always look forward to these mixes more and more each month, thanx!

Terri said...

I also REALLY love the 2 hour epic mix done by Keith & Blood Meridian. The TRIPs are always great, but that extra long special mix by them is just completely mind-blowing.

Cliff said...

Not one but two DJ Stod mixes to catch up with since I've been away. Bring on the Sennheisers!

DaveCromwell said...

I downloaded and have been listening to both of these mixes for a while now.

Three cheers for DJ Stod on these two masterpieces!

(and thank you, valis, for this blog as well).