Friday, July 30, 2010

TRIP Into July


Fresh from a special DJ'ing appearance in Barcelona last weekend, (a 12-hour stint at that reports our amazing friend,) here's something to satisfy your urge to take Inward Flyte from DJ Stod'...smooth sailing!

Via SendSpace or RapidShare

Also, as a bonus for those not in the know, DJ Stod' has teamed up with Cosmic Genius blood meridian for a second time to give us a "pure shot of the pineal" with their collaboration entitled Bloodmeister II (Clarity v Consciousness). Get your own dose via RapidShare !

See you on the Other Side.



1 The Magic Optician - The Fast Camels
2 The Straight Line - Elephant Stone
3 Egyptians & Druids - The Asteroid No.4
4 I Want You More - White Manna
5 Rain - Lower Heaven
6 Like 100.000 Sunsets - Weird Owl
7 Euology Sound - Fauna Valetta
8 Gods - The Heavy Hills
9 Minas Tirith - The Chemistry Set
10 Take What You Get - Black Market Karma
11 Burning Circles In the Sky - The Myrrors
12 The Dropa Stone - Chief Nowhere


Anonymous said...


alpo said...

Awesome sounding july mix! Think I heard Elephant Stone's The Straight Line" in there around the beginning, and will take a crack at a few more soon. Love it, thanx!

Fuzzbox said...

wohhooooo indeed!
fantastic mix

Terri said...

Listening now, happy to hear my beloved Black Market Karma in the mix! Still waiting for their news of the album release, supposed to be soon, will update accordingly :-)

Anonymous said...

bloodmeister II is an amazing mix. "for those in the know" ? can you fill me in? really impressed. thank you valis.

Cliff. said...

Can't wait to listen to this fine offering, it grabs me from the fabulous opener. Wishing I'd been in attendance at Barcelona.