Saturday, May 01, 2010

10 Questions

Greetings & Hail Voyagers!

We return once again to bring you the best & brightest on the psychedelic scene! Today we've taken yet another sideways, (and over, under, ___, down), approach to the "10 Questions" Survey. We've had a few authors before, writers who've added to our knowledge of this our favorite genre, e.g., Aaron Milenski & Patrick Lundborg, Mick Farren, too -albeit he's come at it from a few standpoints. So today we're honored to present the thoughts of someone who knows full-well the codes, signals, and semaphored shorthand by which we internalize the experience. A gentleman who renders via graphics the possibilities of a magical evening's entertainment.

I feel as if I've known this man forever. I've been aware of his work for probably five + years now, and I constantly check his new works whenever I'm in the mood for some "eye candy." I also know, because of what he does to move things forward, his actions, he IS "Rock 'n Roll." He lives and breathes it 24x7x365.

A tip o' the helmet and a giant welcome from Trip Inside This House to Darren Grealish!

Anyone producing the quality of work Darren does has to be a student of the genre, and be fully versed in the codes. Darren is. Fully immersed. He's been there. Proof..? Try these:

More..? Go here or here!

Having established his qualifications let's see who & what inspires this Master:

1. In ten words-or less, define "psychedelic music."

Red with Purple flashes

2. What is the most psychedelic instrument, why?

The guitar. Not the Sitar. It's heavy!

3. Favorite psychedelic album of all time?
Forever Changes by Love

4. Who's your favorite psychedelic poster artist of all time, (besides your self)..? Favorite poster by said artist?
Gary Grimshaw - His MC5 and The Chosen Few poster

5. What current psychedelic bands really inspire your artistry?
BJM, Soundtrack of Our Lives

6 If you could time travel backwards to see any concert, who would it be and when..?
The Stooges or Love, Beatles Candlestick Park, The Pink Floyd w/Syd Barrett

7. Given the symbiotic relationship between the psychedelic musician and the poster artists, are the psychedelic-leaning bands easier to create posters for, in a visual context?
Yeah, for me they are because Psychedelic Rock art is what initially got me interested in Rock Poster Art. Then the punk stuff came.

8. Were the Surrealists the first "psychedelic" artists?
Whoever did the poster for Jesus Christ's crucifiction, that was the first.

9. Top Ten Psychedelic Songs?

Chocolate River - The Seeds
Taxman - The Beatles
2000 Light years from home -The Rolling Stones
Eight miles high - The Byrds
Are you gonna be there, at the love in? - Chocolate Watchband
In-a-Gadda-Da-Vida - Iron Butterfly
A whiter shade of pale-Procol Harum
Foxy Lady - Jimi Hendrix
She's A Rainbow-Rolling Stones
Can't Seem to Make You Mine- The Seeds
I Had too Much to Dream (Last Night)-Electric Prunes
In Another Land - Wyman/The Rolling Stones

10. Turn the tables, if you'd like, and ask me a question.
Darren: Is that ten..?
-valis: Close enough. No accountants here!

Thanks Darren!!! Our best wishes for your continued success! You blow minds...


Stodmeister said...

I love Darren's work , he's got such a talent, one which I had myself.

Forever Changes by Love is a totally outstanding piece of work.

Arthur is a sad loss.

Darren , if you're ever looking to do a CD cover well you don't need to look too far buddy.

Cheers man

Stodmeister said...

Of course I meant that Darren's talent is oen which I wish I had myself.

My art skills are not one of my strong points.

Uncle E said...

Wow, surprised you didn't choose "Slip Inside This House" as one of your top 10 songs!

Cliff. said...

Love Darren's work and it'll come as no surprise to you Valis, that I first became aware of his work via that superb BJM poster.

Likein' Darren's Top 10 cept for the Iron Butterfly tune which I'd quite happily never listen to again (cept maybe at Gobi's funeral, he wants the extended version played ha ha, here's hoping it's an age before I hear the tune again)

gary helicon said...

the guys art work is amazing, valis i love the variation in people you get to do 10 questions it is always very interesting.another magic trip into by dj stod. keep up the great work