Friday, April 23, 2010

A TRIP Into April

Hail Voyagers! Once more into the breach! DJ Stod has once again knocked us for loops & vertigo swirls with this month's Stodian delight. Immensely enjoyable & recommended with headphones.

Sail, to the farthest corners! Via SendSpace or RapidShare.

(As prior month's TRIPS, we'll post a tracklist later. Giving you a chance to test your mettle & knowledge of how big this genre is. Post a "thanks DJ Stod..." if it suits.)


OK Alpo & all, here's the TRIP Into April tracklist:

1 We Real Cool Sunray
2 Alone Again Or (Alternate Mix) (Bonus Track) Love
3 So Far To Fall The Quarter After
4 Tobin's Spirit Guide Weird Owl
5 Lonely Bubble Puppy
6 Sophia Butterfly Explosion
7 Here (Demo) Chatham Rise
8 The Ebb First Communion Afterparty
9 Missouri 49th Parallel
10 Red Sun Moloko Velocet
11 The Dark Shadow Spirit Vine
12 You're The One Sonic Boom
13 So Tonight That I Might See Mazzy Star
14 Don't Go/Stay With Me (The Individual) Spiritualized

.....we'll be TRIPPING Into May very soon!


alpo said...

Well I think this is without question your finest trip yet! There are multiple songs I'm dying to find out (and go out and get). I zoomed through it once, and I think I heard "Alone Again Or" by Love, and "Dark Shadow" by Spirit Vine. There's a few more that struck a familiar chord, will take a stab upon another listen. Thank you for this fine Gift!

-valis said...

Thanks alpo..!

alpo said...

We are still waiting patiently for the reveal of this very fine trip mix. There are 5 songs that I must go out and get immediately! Thanks, Valis...

alpo said...

Great stuff, Valis. Besides Love and Spirit Vine, I should have known Butterfly Explosion and Mazzy Star, since I have both songs on my iPod! Loved Chatham Rise, Moloko Velocet, and First Communion Afterparty. Immediately went out and got all 3 of those songs, and thank you for carrying the torch for psychedelic music! Looking forward to May...