Friday, February 19, 2010

New Feature !!!

Here at Trip Inside This House we're thrilled to be adding a new feature! Back in January, when we were gathering some of the in-the-know people to contribute their "Best of 2009" lists, we had the great good fortune to convince DJ Stod', (a/k/a DJ Stodmeister, or Keith), to participate. Many of you who read that know he took it a step further and provided a mix distilling his choicest tracks from the Year That Was.

Further conversations ensued and it came up in those talks about contributing monthly for a new feature wherein he'd provide a new mix to enlighten us, take us on flights of fancy, and generally induce the kind of buzz we've come to expect from the music in this our favorite genre.

As label head of Psyilocybin Sounds, he's sought out the best & brightest; as a DJ he plays the same brand of psychedelic mind-melters, now he's doing it for all of us!

So..., here it is: DJ Stod's Psilocybin Sounds Mix.....

A Trip Into February (Rapidshare)
A Trip Into February (Sendspace)

Leave a comment if you like what you're hearing. Perhaps?

( Editor's Note, added Sat., Feb. 20 : Regarding the tracklist, Keith will award a CD of your choice from his label to the person who gets the most tracks correct via the Comments section. Give it a try! We'll post the full tracklist in due time. )

Addendum, February 26, 2010:

A Trip Into February

1. Frozen Plains – Evan Camaniti

2. Strawberryfire – Apples In Stereo

3. Lorne Blues – Sun Dial

4. S’Alright – House Of Mexico

5. Feel – Cofax Abbey

6. What Have You Invented Today – Outrageous Cherry

7. Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow – Strawberry Alarm Clock

8. Bring On The Sun – The Laurels

9. Secret Service – (The Sounds Of) Kaleidoscope

10. Ano Domination – The Volta Sound

11. Square Room – Them

12. The Admiral’s Address – Asteroid #4

...and the winner is...., Terri K! Arrangements will be made.

Thanks Keith!!!


Terri said...

Excellent! Thank you for taking the time to do this. I know & love Psyilocibin Sounds. And now, more to love. Cheers, Terri K

Terri said...

The Rapidshare link did not work for me, you might wanna check that one. the Sendspace did work, tho, and with the headphones on now, a wonderful TRIP indeed.......thanks Keith & Valis.

Anonymous said...

apples in stereo - strawberry fire
strawberry alarm clock- rainy day mushroom pillow
the asteroid # 4 - admiral's address

three out of ten or so ain't bad!

-Red from the gapppm

Cliff. said...

40 minutes into the mix and man instead of 'Trippin Inside This House', I've fallen flat on my arse. Awaiting publication of the tracklist to put me out of my misery. That said thoroughly enjoying the mix.(had the same probs as Terry re the d/l link btw)Ah do I now hear Asteroid No.4 -closing things with The Admiral's Address, ha ha how crap am I, just one track, does that mean I'm in the lead?

Terri said...

Here is what I know: Strawberryfire by The Apples in Stereo, Ano Domination by The Volta Sound, The Adm's Address by A#4, and there is definitely a song by (The Sounds of) Kaleidoscope in there. Also sounds like another Volta Sound song in there, and of course, SCA's Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow, excellent!!

Terri said...

Oops, I meant SBA, not SCA. I have another song to add which keeps me in the lead: What Have You Invented Today? by Outrageous Cherry :-)

Stodmeister said...

Hey folks , I've checked out Rapishare link and it works for me.

You're getting there Terri , I'll put you out yor misery soon.

Do you really want to win a CD? I thought you had them all ;-)

Don't you just hate when you can't get the name of a song.

I better go and read up myself now HA!HA!

Keep The Faith!!

alpo said...

Truly great listening experience! I'm dying to know the song that begins at 26:35 with the female vocals and shimmering hazy backdrop...can't wait, thanx!

Psych Crackle & Pop said...

I feel educated !.Enjoyed the comp.
Hope you can check out mine....


Psych Crackle & Pop said...

If you like. You could add me on your blog roll thing. (Ill add you on mine)