Friday, February 26, 2010

Holo-Hagiography, February 2010

Before this day completely slips over to the dark side of the moon thought I'd best get on with the posting. Yes, on with it.

First up, if you caught the "Brain Buzzin Best of 2009" post you'll know Dead Mellotron made my Top 50 albums list, for Ghost Light Constellation. Well, the one-man band from Dallas has a brand new, self-titled, for free download now! Go here!
(Me.., I think I like it even better than the debut.)

Second, thanks to Collin of Chatham Rise we know more about the emerging psychedelic scene in and around Lille, France. Among the bands there is Moloko Velocet who've a new five track EP out and available as a free download, here...

Third, many of you may-and should, be familiar with Cleveland's The Volta Sound. At one time boasting members who'd go on to become The Dreadful Yawns, among others....well, seems Mike Cormier is back in the slipstream again with a new album called "Floppy." I recommend, as do I their early release available as a free download, Dandelion Wine, here...

There you go. Three new albums for your ears' delectation this weekend. Good..?

Oh, and never one to toot my own horn, but Nick of Head Full of Snow managed to turn the tables on me and got me to take a "10 Questions" survey. Interested..? Go here.

(Editor's Note, Feb. 27: This message from koko just posted:


nice picks!
if y're into Moloko Velocet you may enjoy our latest Dead Bees comp.
Out here.

Heya, indeed!)

Have a great weekend everyone! -valis


jeffman said...

Thanks again for agreeing to take part :)

jeffman said...

ps. Sorry I couldn't come up with a substantial answer to #3 either.

You're right, it's one that offers no easy getout.

koko said...


nice picks!
if y're into Moloko Velocet you may enjoy our latest Dead Bees comp.
Out here:

Cliff. said...

Me and my pockets say , 'Merci beaucoup,' for the links Valis. Downloading as I write, I already have the Dead Mellotron and very much like their sound.