Monday, November 03, 2008

The Wayback Machine

A hearty HAIL Voyagers! Thank you for your patience as the relocation of our international HQ took place last week. We are now safely ensconced and ready to blow minds anew as we continue to Trip Inside THIS House! (This new underground bunker is pretty cool and will get cooler when we unbox the wall of LPs, set up the turntable, hook up speakers, etc...that'll come after this post some time this week. Still a lot to do but we plod onward.)

Anyway, you're here for the trip. Backwards, out through the portals of time and space....

As we continue ever onward we're pleased to bring back our great friend and one helluva' musician: Haakon Ellingsen, one of Norway's finest purveyors of the music we like. He previously took the "10 Questions" plunge back in June and gave some great responses. The bigger reason for bringing him back is his brand new album, The Plum Album, is out now and certainly merits the "-valis Seal of Approval"! Having received a copy, pre-release, I can tell you it hasn't left the CD player since. It quickly has catapulted itself as my favorite of Haakon's solo releases, as it offers slightly more diverse insights into the mind of its creator, imho. Haakon has the uncanny ability to create music which sounds at once both strange and familiar. The range on The Plum Album goes from the balladeer of some Cezanne painting, (with the same beautiful brush strokes), to the guy who's music makes you ask: "hmm, wonder how that tea tasted?!" (Not your Father's tea, either.) The album is available world-wide via Termo Records. Taste the Plum!

You've been given a one-time opportunity to use The Wayback Machine; what band would you like to see, in what year, and what song would you most want to see them play?

Haakon: Difficult question of course...

But I think I would like to see the original line-up of The Byrds perform: "Turn Turn Turn"...Crosby, Hillman, Clark, Clarke & Mc Guinn! With those renaissance-clothes and everything... Did they release that track in 1965? Maybe you have to check that out?

(Editor's Note: They did indeed, Haakon. Safe journeys!)

Thank you Haakon and best wishes on the success of The Plum Album!


Cliff. said...

Haakon sticks in his thumb and pulls out a plum (or should that be peach) One of my all-time fave tracks we travel back to there.

sr-71 said...

congrats on the new HQ. does this mean y'all have a new mailing address?

Chris said...

yes let's travel back and share some of that tea!