Monday, October 20, 2008

The Wayback Machine

Hello again to all and sundry! Part of the fun of this whole idea of "what if time travel exists" is where some of these people creating the music we love would like to go if given that one opportunity. Today's guest stress tests the limits of our beloved machine: Giles Hatton of the Earlies!

Their debut LP, These Were The Earlies, came out in 2005 and still gets eartime 'round the Labs here. Here's a few reviews of it:

"As a headphone album, 'These Were... The Earlies' is something of a stunner." - Playlouder

"Imagin[e] the Beach Boys getting strung out in a field on cider midmorning in some alternative universe Texas, surrounded by retro-sounding DIY synths, a raggedy brass section, and a hippy cello player." - PopMatters

"A band who aim foolishly high but always return, wings intact." -Mojo

Or, in a haiku-esque string from above which fits this album:

strung out in a field/headphone album/foolishly high...perhaps?

Yes, well. Anyway. After reading about where Giles was heading we contacted Master Trip Mechanic, lo-fi jr, to assist in the tuneup!

You've been given a one-time opportunity to use The Wayback Machine; what band would you like to see, in what year, and what song would you most want to see them play?

Giles: I would like to go back to the year 1450bc, with a digital recorder and some excellent microphones and record the sound of the Israelite horn section bringing down the walls of Jericho; I would then use this recording on a future Earlies release although some sort of warning would probably need to be apparent on the sleeve as we cannot afford to be responsible for the destruction of personal property.

...then blow on!

Thank you Giles ! We need MORE Earlies!!!

(((Editor's Note: Trip Inside This House will be moving to a secret location inside the fabled Area 23 over the next ten days. So as to have the necessary time & concentration for this relocation celebration we will cease posting for the next two weeks, resuming with reckless abandon once again on November 3rd. I encourage everyone to take this opportunity to listen to your favorite psychedelic music and let the artists know you appreciate their efforts. Thanks for your patience! -valis)))


Cliff. said...

Whoa there Giles, I'm not sure my Sennheisers (or me to that matter)could cope with such a cacophony of sound.

Ha ha Valis, I once used pink elephants on parade on a mix, I forget which one - no pun intended!

sr-71 said...

What, no love for The Enemy Chorus, V.? 'Sup wif dat?