Thursday, February 14, 2008

Turn Me On, Dead Man!

Dateline: TODAY
Turn Me On, Dead Man is airing a special broadcast I put together featuring some of the most ruckus-raising of the Neo-psychedelic crews working today. The show airs at 3pm (EST)(-5GMT) and is rebroadcast on Friday & Sunday.

Some of the bands you'll hear: The Goldenarms, Black Angels, Soft Explosion, Misteriosos, Sparkling Fountains of Magical Reality,of Arrowe Hill, the Vera Violets, and New Lands. (Note: Neal from New Lands points out their entire debut EP is downloadable FREE at Virb.)

On February 19th is Nick Warburton's fourth episode of Sixties Rock Machine, Nick is a UK-based freelance music journalist with an impressive record collection and he'll play a host of sixties obscurities from all over the world.

Debuting February 21st is Transmission #1 of the Mind-Melt Listening Station by the mighty Musicgnome! A pure shot of pineal!

You can check the schedule for all the shows, and their subsequent rebroadcasts here!

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