Thursday, February 07, 2008

10 Questions

Greetings & Hail Voyagers! It's that time again. A new respondent has stepped up to the turntable: International Bon Vivant,Psychedelic Songster, and Surrealist Gadfly, Adam Easterbrook of Londinium's own of Arrowe Hill. (About the band Julian Cope was forced to muse:"The best and most disconcerting psychedelia I’ve heard these past coupla' years.")

1. In ten words-or less, define "psychedelic music."

I can define it in five-

disorientation, juxtaposition, surprise, fear, elation

2. What is the most psychedelic instrument, why?

The human mind. Angelic & demonic, by turns.

3. Favorite psychedelic album of all time?

Sides one from two LPs (i know, it's cheating)

'Soft Machine Volume II' Soft Machine
'X In Search Of Space' - Hawkwind

But if it really HAS to be one whole album...

'Piper At The Gates of Dawn' The Pink Floyd

4. Alice In Wonderland or The Wind In The Willows?

Oh, 'Wind In The Willows' without a shadow of doubt.
I mean, we copped our third album title from Mr. Grahame...

5. Favorite Surrealist, why?

Andre Breton. It was his baby, & it looked like its father.

6. If you could be a member of any band in history, what band would it be and what would you play?

Second violin, Court of Catherine Medici, 1589

7. What era has the best roster of psychedelic music?

For sheer number of tracks, i guess it would have to be the 1960s - psychedelia,
however, never seems to go out of fashion- it just sinks below the surface of the public consciousness & bides its time, before rising to the surface like some sort of EC Comics revenant, stinking & dropping bits & pieces all over the carpet...

8. What band, active today, most defines "psychedelic" to you?

of Arrowe Hill (i'm duty-bound to say that, right?)

9. Top Ten Psychedelic Songs?

1st) Strawberry Fields - The Beatles/
Interstellar Overdrive - The Pink Floyd
2) Bel Air - Can
3) Demons are Real - GbV
4) Mole From The Ministry - Dukes of Stratosphere
5) Girl on a Swing - Kevin Ayers
6) Les Etoiles Electroniques - Stereloab
7) 1983 (A Merman I should Be) - Hendrix
8) Bela Lugosi's Dead (live version) - Bauhaus
9) 2000 Light Years from Home - Stones
10) Cor Cordium (unreleased) - of Arrowe Hill

((valis: No “Indians Dreams” or “Can’t Ebenezer See My Mind” by The Klubs?! What would Noz think ?))

10. Turn the tables, if you'd like, and ask me a question.

Acid in the reservoir - true or false?
valis: Right, well.., this would go a LONG way in explaining Sweden and Norway.
Further, if true, I’d say ‘Hand me down me flagon, fetch my cane and compass,
I’ve found the magic waters to check on all the rumpus…’

Say something surreal to Adam here. And from last year's Dulce Domum, enjoy this:

Thanks Adam!


sr-71 said...

ooh, that's a sharp lad there w/ the live bela lugosi - that daniel ash guitar part is legendary psychedelic and that plodding bass line echoes like an ancient mind

French Connection said...

Monsieur Cope would know methinks. I'm off to investigate Of Arrowe Hill further a task well worth carrying out I feel.

Anonymous said...

Just freakin' love this. I just can't get enough of that list thing. And, yes, I am going to flat out steal your idea and create an uber mix with selections from this series. A tenth in the series commemoration, perhaps? Hmmmmm.

Your admirer,