Thursday, December 20, 2007

Recommended: Jamie Laboz

CHECK OUT "THE GREEN ALBUM" - a modern psych concept record

It's 2028 in a post world-war-three Venice, California. Amplified music, especially electric guitar, has been outlawed and replaced by soulless government-sanctioned, electronic DJ music.

Mutant dictator "The Darkness", owner of the night, covered the world in total darkness to keep it's people in a perpetual state of fear while controlling and suppressing their minds through bad, but readily available "Darkness Approved" marijuana.

The once thriving and creative "People of the Burning Sun", were now reduced down to zombie-like mole creatures, forever trapped in seaside refugee camps by tall towers and barbed-wire fences for their radical beliefs and creative desires.

Now all that exists is a world without light, creativity or love.

That is, until two brothers armed only with found electric guitars, are poised to and take down The Darkness, bring back the sun and restore life and love as it was once known. Although their mission to reach the Dark island is fraught with peril, procrastination & lots of self doubt, it ultimately succeeds.

Check out this magical, musical journey featuring tv & film composer Jamie Laboz (all guitars, vocals, bass, keys, percussion, writing, producing, mixing & mastering) and NYC drummer Aaron Comess (Spin Doctors, Isaac Hayes, Chris Whitley & Joan Osborne).

"An excellent psychedelic pop record" - Tape Op Magazine

"This has the be one of the best albums of the year! The concept is awesome and the guitars kick" - Psychedelic Velveeta Radio

"It's in heavy rotation at my house - really great stuff!" - Ed Cherney (producer/mixer - Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Eric Clapton, Steve Miller, Ringo Starr & Wolfmother)


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