Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Solstice!

Down A Spiral

Happiest of Solstice wishes to all & sundry!!! Hoping the mix presented here pleases your earholes and makes your favorite headphones whirr with delight.
Called "Down A Spiral" as it works pretty well as a "circular"-as in played beginning to end to beginning again...

1 Alfa 9 Interlude 3
2 u.n.p.o.c. Come In
3 All Mighty Whispers Love Revolution
4 Great Lakes Farther
5 Autumn Leaves Magic Red Raincoat
6 The Redwalls Back Together
7 Planet Superfly Inner Vision
8 The Donkeys Paisley Patterns
9 Matthew Sweet Lost My Mind
10 The Go Down A Spiral
11 Bottlefly Silver Revolver
12 Reverberation Let It Blow On
13 Grizzly Bear Knife
14 Stockton Dreamworld
15 Guided By Voices Chicken Blows
16 Public Nuisance Strawberry Man
17 Doleful Lions Saturday Mansions
18 Grand Atlantic Peace Be With You
19 Rockfour Goes Around
20 Beyond The Wizards Sleeve See People

Download here:


hemizen said...

a superb listen, especially since it is snowing and blowing here in Michigan. Favorites include Down A Spiral, Peace Be With You and Goes Around. Can't wait for your next one.

Hagbard said...

Thanks hemizen. Always. -valis