Friday, March 20, 2015

-valis Pick of the Week

Hail Voyagers!!! Our Pick this week, from France, is: Arnold Fish! The nom de guerre of Fabien Versmessen, Arnold Fish first released In The Land Of The Elephant Blues some time last year but it's been picked up by Greek label, G.O.D. (Garden Of Dreams) Records, for proper release on CD as well as a limited run of vinyl.

Stylistically mining the same deep vein which finds Jacco Gardner, Balduin, and Dr Cosmo's Tape Lab, (all celebrated previously here,) plying: that peculiar and particular strain of English baroque psychedelia from 1968. Easily categorized as pastiche, Arnold Fish -like the others mentioned before, does so in a manner which bursts the shackling constraints of such categorization. He's serious. It shows in the sounds. It's anachronistic. But the damned thing works! From start to finish this is one hell of an album, on multiple levels. (Identify them your own self.) Me, I say: Oui! Plus, merci....écoutez:


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