Wednesday, February 25, 2015

-valis Pick of the Week

Hail Voyagers! From Glasgow, Scotland, comes our Pick this week: The Mushroom Club! Their new release, EP2, was just set free a month ago.

Together Paul McCabe, Stevie Kearns, Blair Miller, Seb Jonsen, and Grant Cowie, have put together a 5-track head trip lasting longer than some bands' albums. I hear quite a lot of Spacemen 3 in their style, especially on the nearly-eight-minute "Dreams," and "Oh God." If that name drop gets you excited I think you'll enjoy strapping on the headphones, lighting up the hookah, and gaining admission to The Mushroom Club. (The password may be "Buckfast!")


Best wishes to the band as they open for Dead Meadow, alongside fellow Glaswegians Cosmic Dead, in three weeks at the 02 ABC2 in Glasgow.


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