Wednesday, September 18, 2013

-valis Pick of the Week

Hail Voyagers! As I said on the radio show yesterday, could there be a better Pick of the Week as we send Summer out with a bang, than Toronto's own Sun Stone Revolvers ? Seemed apropos to me.
Formerly known as Revolvers, (and with a helluva' album under their hookah by that name, Apocalypse Surfin',) they've harnessed the heat and energy of the beloved orb we revolve 'round and brought forth a wonder to light up the dark recesses, Spaceship X, out on Optical Sounds.

Like so many labels, past and present, Optical Sounds is fast becoming a force in this our favorite niche. This doesn't mean "samey." It means there's a style and swagger to the roster -along with a distinct sound associated with it. Sun Stone Revolvers belongs. The proof is in the hearing. Lead and title track, Spaceship X, grafts its lyrical content to a low rumbling bass-and-drum chug, "going into space," and taking us with them. What I felt at first and second listens is a meeting of new old friends. There's a familiarity with this sound and it's comfortable. I like what they do, and am damned glad they do it. I think you will, too. Highest recommend.

Sebastian Diaz-Molaro, Lavien Lee, and John McKinnon are a force. The Equinox be damned because the Sun Stone Revolvers say so. As do I.

You can listen to the archived stream here; or, hear it this Friday, on The Dead Man's Turn Me On, Dead Man show on Live365, where it's heard every Friday at noon eastern time, as well as Mr. Atavist's Sunrise Ocean Bender show, heard every Monday from 1 to 3 am eastern, on WRIR in Richmond, VA.

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