Friday, June 21, 2013

SUN ARISE! Summer Solstice 2013

HAIL VOYAGERS! Deserving of all caps. Most deserving. One more trip 'round the Sun completed and we arrive back where we started. A year of the over, under, sideways -and down, and I'm here to bring you another volume of the Summer Solstice compilation. May it please and serve you well on your own personal voyages into inner space. Inward bound! Or, as a man I deeply respect once said: "....and every man a Magellan in his own living room."

So, this year we have seven bands who took up the challenge of creating a special track for your enjoyment. All solid psychedelic technicians, they come from as far away as Russia and as near as Liverpool. (No Americans this year, North or South. Odd and certainly unplanned.) Let's get to the tracklist:

#1 - Pretty Lightning - (Saarbrücken, Germany) - Drip Of Moongel 4:12

(Picture by Dirk Mentror Photography, with thanks.)

#2 - The Garage - (Londinium, England) - Is This Illusion 4:32
Is This Illusion

relax your mind and turn on a dream
make the high plane the night tripper way
live in the future, take away the pain
got to stay connected, there's more to be gained
is this illusion I see

my head is attracted to a magnetic wave of sound
my mind is connected to another way I found
is this illusion now we're living the dream
I need to find the light before it's too late
is this illusion I see

relax your mind and turn on a dream
make the high plane the night tripper way
is this illusion I see before me
is this illusion I see

#3 - Mordecai Smyth - (Berkshire, England) - Out in the Stars with D.S.P. 3:10

#4 - The Karovas Milkshake - (Yekatarinburg, Russia) - Do You Wanna Eat Me/Godiva 6:33

#5 - The Balcony Stars - (Liverpool, England) - Shards and Splinters 4:58

#6 - The Janitors - (Stockholm, Sweden) - Aside (Outside) 4:39

#7 - Stuart Gray - (Londinium, England) - Rays Of The Sun 5:55

So, there you have it. 34 minutes to tickle your Shatner's Bassoon, increase the healing powers of the Sun, create inner peace, scorch your earholes, and generally enhance your gratitude that -in our midst, there are people creating such music for our benefit. Take the time, in your own way, to reach out to them with thanks. It matters.

(Also, sincere and mighty thanks to Mr. Atavist for the cover art for this year's compilation. He's a star!)

The download, via Mediafire. Have a tremendous Summer everyone!!! -valis

Update, July 12: Now available via Bandcamp AND Soundcloud! How ya' like them noon blue apples?

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