Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pstuff N' Psuch

Hail Voyagers! Whilst version Five of the PsychFest in Austin winds down I thought I'd help you keep the brain fires burning with a few tips on the good stuff which has come across my desk in the recent continuum, to wit: 1 - One of our fav' mix/remix masters, Al Lover, has done it again: Burnt Ones "Meet the Golden One" Al Lover Heavy Sleaze Remix - HERE SF producer, Al Lover's newest release is an official remix for one of his favorite Local garage bands, Burnt Ones. Burnt Ones original track "Meet the Golden One" is a rockin' ode to sleazy 70's glam smothered in Phil Spector worship. With the remix Al has taken both those things and thrown them in a styrofoam cup with a heavy dose of lean. The track is a mellow mind melt with heavy "post crunk" drums, reverb drenched tremolo, and fuzzed out bass tones. Put this futuristic 8 track in the deck and let the paint drip. Help support Burnt Ones and spread the word about the 7" here on Burger Records if you haven't already. 2 - It's been some time since we last heard from Mattias Gustavsson, and his project apart from his work in Dungen. Four years to be precise, if you're into that. He sent this out: Hey Hey Hello Hello! Last year I almost died and as revenge we have made a new mini album with Life on Earth! Check it out!
The "mini album", a/k/a an EP, is entitled The Perfect Spot, and he wants you to have it, here! 3 - Our brother-in-psychedelia, blood meridian, has sent the following message to all who've ears and a firing brain: calling all heathens to the party..the last mix for a long while..please share the link and a smile with at least one other psychonaut..thank you for listening..peace &love..blood meridian you can download the mp3 or just listen on hipcast.. 4 - Our pal DJ Stod', has gifted us with not one but two (!) new mixes for the Spring seasonal celebrations: a) Psychedelic Cemetery and b) Canteloupe Continental 5 - Todd Parker, ex-Tadpoles and present day & The Witches, sends the following: In early 1989, Tadpoles (then a duo of Mike Audino and me) produced a cassette-only album on our 4-track called Beautiful Music For Ugly Children and gave it out to a few friends before promptly moving on to the next batch of songs. That’s just how things we done in the days before MP3, the web and file sharing. In the 90′s, two of those songs, Judas, This is Jesus and Old Dirty Mushrooms appeared in freshly recorded form as bonus tracks on Tadpoles Far Out album and the Know Your Ghosts EP. And that was the last Beautiful Music we ever played for Ugly Children. Until now… Slated for release on June 1st Evil Bliss can be downloaded FREE for a limited time. Grab it! 6 - Richard Morton Jack, editor of the massive(!) Galactic Ramble book, has a new project well worth looking into: Flashback Magazine! Unsure as yet how or where to secure a copy but pay attention to his Galactic Ramble blog and I'm sure there'll be updates, etc.... That should keep you busy for a few days. Keep the tips coming!!! -valis

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