Friday, December 23, 2011

Tune Into Winter

DJ Stod is back indeed! Fitting since we in the Northern Hemisphere have passed through the Winter Solstice and soon will witness the rebirth of the Risen Sun.

Our friend has brought us something to warm the circuitry and light up the darkened corners of your cortex. So come on, brighten the corner where you are!

Stay tuned for the return of the "10 Questions" Survey and much more in the New Year.
Best wishes for this Solstice Season to all of you. The light is always on here.


Update: January 8, 2012 - DJ Stod' has posted the playlist in the comments section.


Alpo said...

Thank you DJ Stodd and Valis!

Perhaps if you get a chance, you could let us know all the great tracks from the most recent trip, "Tune Into June"!

Best psychedelic Holidays!


Gary Sharp said...

always, ALWAYS a blast. Nice one valis and Keef

GARY said...

Always a pleasure. night time tunes.

Stodmeister said...

1 Midnight's Road
Evan Caminiti

2 Chantisissity
Singapore Sling

3 Drip With Honey Thelightshines

4 Tears At Sunrise

5 Visions In Dust
Barn Owl

6 Cellophane Face
The Feeling Of Love

7 Traumolo
The Koolaid Electric Company

8 Honey

9 Cristaliza Tu MenteHipnoascensión

10 Musik Der Fruhen Jahre
The Early Years

11 Don't Know
Sri Aurobindo

12 Plan Steal Drive Kinski

13 Dungeness Of Mirrors
Native Fauna