Monday, September 12, 2011

Stuff n' sundry

Scouring the interwebs for stuff n' sundry. Found these items of possible interest to you:

1 - You may or may not be aware over this past weekend our great friends, Asteroid #4 played some shows with Peter Daltrey of Kaleidoscope/Fairfield Parlour fame. The bigger news is they're also working on a collaborative album all put in motion by yet another great friend, Damien Youth. This should be huge!

More here.

2 - Jared Artaud, of The Vacant Lots, asked me to let those of you on the US West Coast know they'll be in your neighborhoods, soon:

" Mexican Summer artists The Vacant Lots are set to make their first trip to the West Coast for a run of Fall dates September 20th - 27th. The label released their first official single 'Confusion/ Cadillac’ earlier this year and since then the band have been touring the East Coast and playing festivals.

Hailing from the wooded confines of Burlington, Vermont, the Vacant Lots are musicians as well as scientists, having built a time machine that will transport your headspace directly to the Sunset Strip in 1967."

The Vacant Lots are influenced by groups such as Bo Diddley, The Velvet Underground, The Stooges and Spacemen 3 and have developed their own sound , combining minimal drumming, hypnotic guitar riffs, electronic drone, poetry-driven lyrics, and live film projections.

Recently, the two-piece have been getting good reviews off the back of their single release including a Pitchfork debut of the video for their song ‘Cadillac’. They have previously toured with Sonic Boom’s Spectrum and this year played a number of East Coast US dates, SXSW, Austin Psych Fest 4, and supported Dean & Britta (Galaxie 500) in Brooklyn. They are in the process of recording new material and expect to have a second single out soon to be followed by a first official album release.



20 The Echo, LA with (Tomorrow’s Tulips, Exitmusic, C-Horse)
21 Tin Can, San Diego with (Tomorrow’s Tulips, Trap Gold)
23 Bottom of The Hill, San Francisco with (Man/Miracle, Hiking)
24 Crepe Place, Santa Cruz with (Tomorrow’s Tulips, Cataldo)
26 Mississippi Studios. Portland with (Tomorrow’s Tulips, The Shivas)
27 The Comet, Seattle with (Tomorrow’s Tulips, The Blinding Light)

3 - As my friend José Miguel Segarra , in Spain, has alerted me, it seems as though Sidonie are going back to their psychedelic sounds!
In Spanish, here.

4 - In case you missed it, Olivia Tremor Control have just released a new single as a precursor to what looks to be a new album release slated for early next year! The track and an interview, here.

OK. That'll do it. Back tomorrow with the Pick of the Week!

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