Friday, May 20, 2011


Hail Voyagers!
This is an out-of-the-ordinary post this week, but after last Friday's unavailability of blogger (debacle) I thought I'd give it another attempt:

As you probably know Kickstarter is a site where friends & fans can make donations to assist a worthy cause. I'd like to present two cases for your estimable consideration:

#1 - one of our favorite bands, Bipolaroid, are trying to get their classic psychedelic album, Transparent Make-believe, reissued on vinyl. If you've never heard it, you're missing out on a great one. As our friend George Parsons, of DREAM magazine, said: "This late 2003 release is one of the best psychedelic pop albums I've heard in 2004."

Bipolaroid Kickstarter
I know the album is worthy, and the band (and the good guy, Ben, as leader) are very worthy of anything you can do to assist.

#2 - Plastic Crimewave, writer/illustrator of the Galactic Zoo Dossier, is up on Kickstarter to try and raise funds for a European trip as a performer AND to gather interviews for the next issue, including Arthur Brown!

He writes: " I have just set up a project on Kickstarter (fund-raising site for artistic projects) to help with my UK/European tour/interview quest, and I am offering some premiums of rare goods/personalized gifts to any who donate! So PLEASE forward this link to anyone who might be interested in helping this poor artist's cause (and who might want said gifts for donating):

Plastic Crimewave Kickstarter

Some details:
I am building my first European tour and series of UK rock legend interviews around a festival I'm playing in Poole, Dorset. My ticket is booked for the festival June 17-21, but my band and I will need to take a costly overnight ferry to the Netherlands, as well as buses and trains to venues and the UK interviews in Twickenham, Nottingham, Brighton, and London; the Chunnel to Toulouse and Paris, France to play few more gigs before returning to Chicago. The kickstarter goal will still not cover all the tour/journey costs, but will be a great help.Accompanying musicians (and interview aids) on the tour will be Libby Ramer on keys, who plays in both Moonrises and Solar Fox with me, and ace guitarist Nathan M. Dodge of Indiana desert-psych jammers Black Wyrm Seed.
Interviews are planned for my Drag City-published magazine, The Galactic Zoo Dossier with two of my biggest heroes, "The God of Hellfire" Arthur Brown (whose album is the namesake of my magazine) and legendary UK proto-punk bandleader Edgar Broughton. I will also be interviewing original Fairport Convention singer Judy Dyble, influential folk-god Martin Carthy, and Floris Kolvenbach of Dutch psychsters Mother's Love/The Dream. These in-person interviews are the opportunity of this scribe's lifetime."

If you know of other worthy Kickstarter projects leave 'em in the Comments and I'll point the way next time I run this. Sincere best to Bipolaroid & Plastic Crimewave.

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michael patrick said...

Thank you for promoting Bipolaroid! What is the address to send CDs for your judgement/enjoyment? Thanks,