Friday, May 06, 2011

10 Questions

Hail Voyagers! Happy Friday, too. After a brief hiatus to recharge the internal guidance systems, as well as take in some psychedelic shows of amazing talents both locally and at some distance, I am back. Back to the place I like to be. Breathe. Breathe in the air.

All things considered, today's guest was virtually inevitable. Not a "dead cert' " for that would be too full of hubris. More like a "our paths will indeed cross" situation. He's a man who -in my concentricity of friends, can be discerned by use of first name only. (That's rather astounding, even for these all & everywhere times.) I can give you three clues and you just might know him after the first:
1 - mutton chops; 2 - big fly's-eyes glasses; 3 - tambourine.

Hallucinauts, it's Joel Gion of the Brian Jonestown Massacre!

As you may know, he's just release a new record wherein he plays (virtually) all of the instruments, 99.7%. Home-recorded. Self-released. Damned enjoyable.

Try some, buy some!

Besides the aforementioned three magical totems, I'll add his mind. I like his brain. Synapses are clearly firing. Proof? Let's on with it then!

1. In ten words-or less, define "psychedelic music."
Hearing the unhearable that lives inside your mind and stuff. 10 words

2. What is the most psychedelic instrument, why?
Well I'd have to say any instrument can be more psychedelic than any other depending on the execution and intent. Playing with a spoon against a pot can be more psychedelic than a wailing guitar solo depending on the who and the how and the why.

3. Favorite psychedelic album of all time?
Forever Changes or Revolver.

4. What's your favorite quote about music or musicians?

"Don't quit your day job" Ha-ha grumble grumble.

5. What song or album that wouldn't fall into the classic "psych" definition is, nevertheless, psychedelic to you?

Theme to "Star Trek" the original series cause I've watched that show stoned a million times.

6. Is there an advantage in being the pioneers (60s psychedelic bands), or being the continuing explorers armed with the knowledge of those pioneers work (the modern psychedelic bands)? Why?

Pioneers get the legend and the followers get the money so it's whatever your into.

7. Build us an all-star pyschedelic band, made up of current musicians (name/instrument/current band)?

Well I'd like a psychedelic vocal / percussion group consisting of Val Kilmer singer from the Doors / Elijah Wood singer from the Stooges / Gary Busy singer from Buddy Holly and The Crickets / Mike Myers drummer from The Who.

8. What's your favorite Brian Jonestown Massacre album?

Their Satanic Majesties Second Request. I'd love to jump on the current bandwagon and perform the whole thing from beginning to end.

9. Top Ten Psychedelic Songs?
Too hard to say but here are 10 I've been digging on lately:

The Monkees: Daily Nightly - Mike Nesmith wrote this and it's one of the most '60s' Psychedelic sounding songs to come straight outta Wowsville. Works equally as well during a lysergic overload lay-down or Sunset Strip style Go-Go Party freakout. Pow! Zap!

Ennio Morricone: La Bambola - from The "Veruschka" Soundtrack 1971- This music is seemingly written to score the best sleepy time.

The Blues Project: Flute Thing - East coast Psychedelic Trip-out Jazz, baby.

Third Bardo: Five Years Ahead of My Time - Full throttle sneering youth power firing all it's garage guns into the face of a world that allows anything square. Every time I stumble back across this tune it's yet again jumped another 5 years ahead of the current time. Makes a nice watch.

Black Angels: Manipulation. Got the Record Store Day vinyl "Another Nice Pair" which is my favorite thing right now.

Kim Jung Mi: Sun - first track from the album "Now" 1973 - This super foxy Psych Folk Psych singer is just as good as any late period Beatles.

Jacques Dutronc: Les Gens Sont Fous, Les Temps Sont Flous 1966 - French Super 60's Fuzz guitar with the maracas turned up to 11 and 1/2

Jorge Ben: Ponta De Lanca Africano (Umbabarauma) from the album "Africa Brazil" 1976 - The Tropicalia Maestro and co laying down 10 tons of percussive psychedelic grooves.

Kaleidoscope (UK): The Sky Children from the album "Tangerine Dream" 1967 - This would have to be on the top 10 most Psychedelic songs of all time.

Anything off of Broadcast & The Focus Groups "Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age" - Pure Modern Psychedelia and completely retro free. Less guitars and often feels as if the tape looping on "Tomorrow Never Knows" had been the big bang for a new universe. This band was in a class all by themselves.

10. Turn the tables, if you'd like, and ask me a question:

Joel: Who killed Sgt Pepper?

-valis: I'm tempted to resurrect the whole (mostly Brit-held) view that The Band and their '68 album Music From Big Pink was the contemptible turning point which signaled the end of an era. But I won't as I don't hold this view.

I'll go with Col. Mustard. In the library. With a revolver.

THANKS Joel! Best wishes on Extended Play and all you do.., always.

6 comments: said...

oh, fuckin' yeah.

dj trish said...

Hi Valis
I get a black angeld CD out of the library and liked it.YOU were the inspiration!
Thank you

sr-71 said...

JOEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awesome catch, valis! made my week!

Tom said...

I'm extremely thrilled by the "Umbabarauma" shout-out. God, that song kicks.

Cliff. said...

Made my week too Valis. Answer to Q7 has to be the best ever! Joel sure knows his stuff and I gotta get his new cd pronto.

Terri said...

THANK YOU FOR THIS! I had not known about Joel's new album, this is excellent news!!!!!!!