Tuesday, December 21, 2010

(A Solstice) TRIP Into December

With sincere thanks to our great friend DJ Stod', here's your passport for Mind Travel on this Solstice Day (what "day" there is to this shortest of all days.)

A Trip Into The Unknown

Well folks it’s hard to believe that these mixes have been going almost a year now, it just seems like yesterday. I thought I’d make Decembers’ a “best off” Trip featuring some of the best tracks from previous Trips. It’s been pretty difficult to try and keep the time down to the self imposed hour limit as there have been so many great tracks featured throughout the year.

Music apart, I think I’ll be glad to see the back of 2010; things simply gotta' get better next year. For me it’s the music that keeps me going at times and I only hope that my little monthly contribution gives people as much pleasure listening to as it does to me compiling them.

It’s good to see more and more Psych bands springing up. There’s a healthy community growing out there and here’s hoping it continues to flourish. It’s good to see some of the groups from my own Psyilocybin Sounds compilations finally getting some recognition and airplay and while the label had no releases last year I still feel that I’m doing my bit for the genre.

The aim of Trips is to mix the old with the new, the known with the unknown and come up with a fusion of tunes that folks enjoy. I hope I’ve brought lots of new sounds to you people out there and maybe even reminded you of tracks that you’d previously forgot all about.

So as we enter 2011 who knows what is in store for us all but I ask you all to continue to support Valis’ great site and keep your mind open to receive some of the new Trips that we’ll have throughout the year.
Just remember, in the words of Mr. Lee: “the news today will be the movies for tomorrow”
Keep The Faith!!!
DJ Stodmeister

TRIP Into December

Also, as is their nature, DJ Stod' and the mystery that is our friend blood meridian have teamed up once again for a new alt-DJ thing, Bloodmeister III!

Again, sincere best to all for a great Solstice Season and a new year so fantastic you'll want to make the trip again and again and again and....


Alpo said...

Thank you DJ Stod and Valis for an amazing set of trips this year. I for one have been duly turned onto countless songs I would not have otherwise ever had the pleasure of hearing, and I troll through the psychedelic landscape daily!

Also, thanks in advance for when you might be able to post the November tracklist so we might go out and buy some of those songs.

All the best for the Holidays and an even better new year!


squire said...

Happy Winter Solstice Valis and DJ Stod!

Thanks for all the music and interviews!!

Helicon said...

Downloading as I type. IMHO Bloodmeister III was the best mix yet (if you're not already aware get it from the Committee To Keep Music Evil forum),........ though EVERY Trip Into mix has blew my mind.

Thank you valis and Keith for so much incredible music, opinions and and writings throughout this year. Been a huge inspiration to us. Keep up the outstanding work.

PS - as a selfish sidenote valis.... I think you should conduct your own 'Best UK psych countdown'. I KNOW that would be outstanding.

Take care and merry festivities to every fan, reader, contributer etc etc etc to TITH. You've gave us many incrdible hours of pleasure.

Peace out,
Gary S

Stodmeister said...

If you scroll on to older posts, the tracklist has now been posted.

Happy Holidays\11

DaveCromwell said...

Absolutely love what DJ Stod and Valis do. They're mixes are a magical mystery tour!

marcy said...

all wonderful, but i have to agree with Helicon. bloodmeister III is one of the most amazing musical mixes i have ever listened to. thank you so much for such a great music blog in today's popular music wasteland.