Friday, June 18, 2010

TRIP Into June

As usual, our friend DJ Stod' is right on time & timely! I also know, having given this a spin thru' the Sennheisers earlier today, he's aligned with our celebrations of the Summer Solstice as this is one HOT mix o' the goods!!!

So, allow him to light up your neurons like a 1,000 suns burning...

(...and so massive it's in two parts!)

Part 1: Sendspace or RapidShare

Part 2: Sendspace or RapidShare

Satisfaction guaranteed!

(Editor's Note: added July 8)


Trip Into June Part 1

1 David Crosby - I'd Swear There Was Somebody Here
2 Lower Heaven - Knife
3 Father Pat Berkery - Seminary
4 Sky Picnic - Visions of War
5 The Lucid Dream - The Twilight End
6 The Blues Magoos - She's Coming Home
7 the black ryder - On The Outside
8 Darker My Love - Helium Heels
9 The Spyrals - Reflection
10 The Kinks - Wicked Annabella (Stereo Mix)
11 Elephant - Riders Waste
12 The Koolaid Electric Company - Alright
13 The Laurels - Turn On Your Mind (EP Version)
14 The Llightshines - Dead Kissing Stoned
15 The Sirago 17 - Sunshine (Hypnochondriac Mix)

Trip Into June Part 2

1 Nameless (UA, Ternopil) Anton Newcombe++
2 The Beatles - Tomorrow Never Knows
3 The Asteroid No.4 - Let It Go
4 Amazing Electronic Talking Cave - I Can See You
5 The Factory - Path Through the Forest
6 The Warlocks - So Paranoid
7 Red Plastic Buddha - Forget Me Not
8 The Cult of Dom Keller - Goat Skin Dream
9 The Volta Sound - Deep
10 Rocking Horse People - Memory Loss
11 Three to One - See Emily Play
12 The Orange Drop - Haven't You Heard? (your opinion = shit)
13 Insect Guide - David Hero (Sonic Boom mix)
14 White Noise Sound - There Is No Tomorrow


Cliff. said...

Just been chatting with Valis, principally about said DJ Stod's mixes offered up here. I said that I was having to refrain from listening to them because I was driving myself to distraction trying to identify each and every tune from my collection. Waht a prat I felt after Valis reliably informed me that the tracklists are available after a couple of weeks - duh!

I can now look forward to listening with pleasure safe in the knowledge that what I don't know or recognise will be revealed in due time - hurrah for that.

alpo said...

Digging this double Trip...think I heard thelightshines "Dead Kissing Stoned" somewhere in there! (which is an artist that these same pages of tripmixes turned me onto last month). Thanks DJ Stod for sharing your unbridled psychedelic touch each month, been loving it...

alpo said...

Thank you for the June Doubleheader...amazing how much great Psychedelic Music there is, and I'm always hearing kool new stuff from you, no matter how much I seek out on my own. Actually had 7 songs from Trip 1 and 4 songs from Trip 2 on my iPod, which helped me navigate all the other songs! Awesome, can't wait till July, thx!