Monday, June 21, 2010

The Sun King Comes...

...and he's Trippin' Inside This House!

Marking the occasion of this our High Holy Day here at Trip Inside This House, we've yet again begged and cajoled several bands into conjuring up the magic that is Summer Solstice. We believe it will please your ears, bend a bit of space & time betwixt and between your ears, and generally improve your health and well-being. (If you are, well...a being.)

Invitations went out way back in yesteryear. Many responded they were in, some said they couldn't for various agreeable reasons. In the end nine gracious bands came through and I'm deeply honored and damned excited by their efforts. (Nine's a magic number, right..?)Quality over quantity is the tone of this, Vol. III.

Also, before we set-to on the tracklisting, a massive round of applause to Joseph Demaree who's responsible for the super-psychedelic cover art you behold! Huge tip o' the helmet! (He nailed it, far beyond expectations, wouldn't you agree?)

OK, let's get to it, shall we?

Trip Inside This House, Summer Solstice, Vol. III

01 - The Love Explosion - Sunday Morning (Tripped Inside) Sydney, Australia delivers one for his Northern Hemisphere brothers & sisters. Perfect opener.

02 - The Early Days - Shadows Of Mt. Whitney Stockholm, Sweden brings the style we know & love from the North.

03 - Chatham Rise - Clouded Minneapolis, Minnesota 'gazing & blazing directly above me, on the Mississippi.

04 - Sky Picnic - Lost Is Found Brooklyn, New York full of swagger, and we'd expect no less.

05 - Lyserg Sands - Lost In Time Phoenix, Arizona captures the woozy heat and delivers it in a cactus.

06 - Riding The Riff - Trip Inside This House (With -valis) St. Louis, Missourians show you & I we know from psychedelic.

07 - (The Sounds of) Kaleidoscope - Vapor Rising Psychedelphia, Pennsylvania makes a declaration: the Sun for all.

08 - Helicon - Panic, Everything Is OK East Kilbride, Scotland puts on the paisley, and a lot more.

Take the lift to the 13th floor
Raoul Duke will open the door
You’ll trip inside this house

Black Angels are guarding the gate
Inside a massacre lies in wait
You’ll trip inside this house

Spacemen serving Electric Koolaid
The Warlocks are dead
And Syd is insane
You’ll trip inside this house

Oasis of noise in the Underground
Be it Velvet or Bloody
You’ll drown in the sound
You’ll trip inside this house

And if you see Jesus and Mary in chains
Tell them Keep Music Evil
That’s where our god reigns
You’ll trip inside this house

The Morning After Girls will make love to you
They’ll be no Valentine
Because you’ve been abused
You’ve tripped inside our house

Trip inside this house
Trip inside this house……….

09 - Joseph Demaree - Trip Inside This House San Jose, California's renaissance man weighs in, not just with the art.

10 - The Love Explosion - The Perverse Caress Of Satan (Tripped Up Inside) Sydney, Australia gives us one more to bid adieu. And off we go.

There you have it! Vol. III of the Summer Solstice series. Download here! (Re-upped!)

As a parting shot, our man Joseph Demaree proves he is indeed an Ascended Master of the Arts!

Happy Solstice everyone! Say THANKS to the bands, ok?


Terri said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Summer, love, from Terri

Cliff. said...

All hail the Sun King! You'cve done it again mon ami, can't wait to get my sennheisers around this delightful offering, surely this has appeased the Gods.

Happy Solstice Valis, you're a true star and a much loved friend.

Anonymous said...

Truly outstanding stuff Valis.

We are utterly thrilled to be part of such an immense collection of songs.

Happy Solstice! Thanks for all of your support.... always appreciated!


Mort said...

Wow!! Need to listen this !! Thank you !! Cheers from Poland :)

Terri said...

Helicon, I love your contribution and would love more of your music. This is the best summer comp yet. Can't stop playing it, thanks again, much love, from Terri

alpo said...

I am lovin' this fine gift of psychedelia...thank you to each and every band for contributing to keeping our favorite kind of music out there and permeating the universe...the tracks are truly amazing and inspired...and thank you Valis for your unbridled Verve, Vigor, and Vitality in putting the mixes and compilations together, and comandeering the website!

mike-floyd said...

Recommended listening!