Friday, May 28, 2010

TRIP Into May

Greetings o' faithful Voyagers! As quite a lot of us 'round the globe set to on a long Holiday Weekend our great friend and wondrous curator of the Psounds has our soundtrack to the lolling about! (It's his nature!)

So, without further ado, set sail into the depths of your own brainpans with DJ Stod's TRIP Into May! Unfurl 'em all..!


PS June's looking to be crammed full of psychedelic delights. Stay tuned!

( Editor's Note: It's June 19th, about time we post the tracklisting!)

A TRIP Into May

1 White Noise Sound Don't Wait for Me
2 Blue Angel Lounge Narcotica
3 Edorf Dlojks Rubbleagainor
4 Baroque Monthly You Are Your Only Mystery
5 Psychic Ills Fingernail Tea
6 The Gris Gris Year Zero
7 thelightshines Garaga
8 Reverberation It's All Over Now
9 The Black Angels Drone (In G# Major)
10 The Warlocks Whatever It Is Your Waiting For
11 The Amorphous Androgynous Chawawah
12 13th Floor Elevators Scarlet and Gold


Anonymous said...

Happy effin days... can't believe it's been a month already. Nice one Keith.... here goes!


alpo said...

Lovin' these monthly mix on the internet! Thanks!

Stodmeister said...

Best mix on the internet!!

Thanks my friends!!

alpo said...

Ok, thanks for filling in the blanks for our psychedelic minds! Lovin' The Blue Angel Lounge, White Noise Sound, and thelightshines...had to go out and get those 3 songs immediately. Only had the Psychic Ills song and the Black Angels song on my iPod before this, so thanx once again for sharing your psychedelic musical to go check out June!

Anonymous said...

do you know anymore about the Reverberation It's All Over Now song, got the single by coincedence but never heard of this band before, couldn't find anything about them...
maybe, thanks for the compilation...

-valis said...

hi markus!

Regarding Reverberation, this track comes from their Blue Stereo Music album.

I see it used for as little as $1.59 US. (Not sure where you are,but give it a look.)

They're also on AllMusicGuide:

(Copy/paste the link.)

Best wishes markus! Thanks for listening and visiting the blog!