Saturday, March 20, 2010

A TRIP Into March

March. Strange month here in the Northern Hemisphere. Unlike its opposite, the Autumnal in September, it follows closely on the heels of Winter and - therefore, can feel like someone's playing a rather unfunny trick on you. One day giving hints of the impending warmth and the very next laughing at your hubris and holding open the freezer door.

Regardless, the Spring Equinox IS a harbinger of the delights to come. And speaking of delights, we've a brand new mix by the maestro for your Inner Head Flights!

DJ Stod's outdone himself on this one, entitled (aptly so, I might add): A Trip Into March. And just as last time we've left it to you to discern and work out the tracklisting over the next several days. How many tracks do YOU know..?

Indulge. Here (SS) or Here (RS).

Also, you might want to celebrate today by playing "Straight Up And Down" from Take It From The Man! (11:00 version) as the reason for the Equinox; the axis of Earth is straight, meaning that it’s not inclined towards or away from the Sun. Indeed. Amen.

One last thing:

all around you
it surrounds you
the love we share

it's a secret
for everyone
if you listen
we'll give you some
all you wanted
what you need
will be given
without greed

the beginning
and the end
all together
with our friends
all around you
it surrounds you
the love we share
it's a secret
in your ear
if you listen
if you will hear

Update: April 6. Here's the tracklist for this brilliant mix:

1 All Around You (Intro) The Brian Jonestown Massacre
2 Die Away As One In Time The Blue Angel Lounge
3 Ghost Newagehillbilly
4 Starvation Golden Dawn
5 Catatonic Variations Music Emporium
6 They're Not Writing The Young Sinclairs
7 Instant Dharma The Out Crowd
8 Codine The Litter
9 The Garden At Night The Clientele
10 Film Music Electrelane
11 Velvet Apple The Sun Blindness
12 First Offering The New Mystical Troubadours
13 Tomorrow Never Knows Sons of Acqa
14 Its All Over Now Baby Blue Them
15 Tear on Through the Sun Daylight Frequencies
16 Reprise Silvertone

Stay tuned! New post this Friday, April 9th...


Anonymous said...

Straight up and down? It's about time. Happy Equinox. Thanks for the eye-opening and mind-expanding music all year round.

Ed a/k/a Mixxer

Anonymous said...

WOW. Another incredible mix. Perfect for taking the mind away from the reality of a Sunday night! Cheers Keith.


Terri said...

OK, it's the last day of March, I JUST got this mix today, I am very late......BUT, I have some songs named: The BJM: All Around You, The Blue Angel Lounge: Die Away As One In Time, Golden Dawn: Starvation, Donovan: Codine. I can probably get more, but I have to go to work now........

Terri said...

Add another song to my list: The Garden At Night by The Clientele.

Stodmeister said...

Good start Terri but that's not Donovans' version of Codine.

Bit of a toughy really as so many bands have covered that great Buffy St.Marie song.

I reckon there may well be a few songs on this mix you may not have heard before , but then again...

Keep The Faith!!

Terri said...

I cannot figure out who does the cover of Codine, but I do have another song from the mix, how the hell I missed The Sun Blindness the first time I listened, I have no idea. They are one of my fave bands ever.....Velvet Apple by the amazing Sun Blindness :-)

Adam said...

The Litter doing Codine. Best version I think

Were in Shindig mag recently.

Another great mix Stod!

Anonymous said...

what is the name of the song @ the 14:08 mark....

Stodmeister said...

Spot on with The Litter , Adam

The song at 14.08 mark is called Catatonic Variations by Music Emporium.

I think ~Valis is going to post the tracklist.

alpo said...

Absolutely love the Daylight Frequencies tune, thanks for turning me on to these guys! Also like the Silvertone close