Friday, September 11, 2009

10 Questions

Greetings & Hail Voyagers!

Our guest today hails from Sweden and knows from psychedelic! (That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.) It's Erik Undehn of The Early Days!

They've a brilliant self-titled EP, released last year which they've put up on their website as a FREE DOWNLOAD! (Click to get it.)Five tracks of sonic blastitude and enough swagger, attitude, and ability to make those who seek out bands like this squeal with delight at finding out about 'em.
"Make You Smile" will have you thinking of other bands working the genre, but it's all The Early Days, and my headphones like it. Quite a lot.
I love the rumblin' jangle of "Flowers", too. There really ain't a dud in the bunch, imho. (And, I put my money where my mouth is; they've been a "valis Pick of the Week" on my radio show and Psychedelic Velveeta.)

Erik informs us they've got Mark Gardener-yeah, that Mark Gardener, in the studio assisting with their debut full-length. Go to their MySpace page and hear some of the tracks. (I look forward to hearing a full album's worth of ideas.)

Okay, let's see what Erik thinks, shall we?

1. In ten words-or less, define "psychedelic music."

Something born out of over creativity and consciousness

2. What is the most psychedelic instrument, why?

Spontaneous I would say the sitar but it's not as multifaceted as the guitar. I guess that the twelve string guitar is the most psychedelic instrument, it has a natural chorus which is very psychedelic...

3. Favorite psychedelic album of all time?

There is a lot of psych comps out there which are super good but if I have to pick a album with one band I'll pick Sgt Pepper

4. If you could be a member of any band in history, what band would it be and what would you play?
I would be Gene Clark in The Byrds.

5. What was the first song you remember listening to in an 'altered' state?
A whole live album with Led Zeppelin and it was scary as fuck.

6. What era has the best roster of psychedelic music? (60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s..?) Why?

The 60s because the sound of everything was amazing. There was no limits to what bands where doing. In the 70s I the sound got more "pre drugish" songs and sound were more about coming back down to earth, being with your family around a camp fire and living on the countryside. I like the 80s "paisley sound". Bands worth mentioning is Rain Parade, The Things and Chesterfield Kings.

7. What album do you wish more people knew about in the psychedelic genre?

Fargo-I See It Now. Wonderful album.

8. What band, active today, most defines "psychedelic" to you?

I think that Asteroid #4 is very much defining psychedelic music of today. Also The Dolly Rocker Movement. These bands have their own sound. There are many other good psychedelic bands out there but they all sound very much alike which can be a bit boring sometimes...
(Editor's Note: Great bands, both of 'em!)

9. Top Ten Psychedelic Songs?

This list change from day-to-day but I just looked through my iTunes and checked what I had listened mostly to recently:

1. Will you miss me when I'am dead-The Noel Gimpin Emporium

2. Cant get enough- The Things

3. A day in the life- The Beatles

4 .If love is the drug- The Brian Jonestown Massacre

5. My love-Asteroid #4

6. Smell of incense- The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band

7. Citadel-The Rolling Stones

8. You on the run- The Black Angels

9. Round about way of describing our situation-Fargo

10. Servo-The Brian Jonestown Massacre

10. Turn the tables, if you'd like, and ask me a question.

Erik: I understand you being a lover of Psychedelic Music. Do you think that the internet has changed the accessibility of "lost music" in a good way or do you miss the thrill of hearing about a store 12 hours away maybe having a 7" you've been looking for ?

-valis: The proverbial Pandora's Box conundrum. My opinion: I'm thrilled to finally hear some of the things I thought I'd NEVER get an opportunity to listen to. The thrill of the hunt has changed, in form not excitement. I want to hear it. Period. (The first few years on the interweb was all about finding books on my Wish List; that nearly broke me......I still buy all of my magazines via the 'net.) Me, I'll take the internet! (That's how I found you....)

Best wishes Erik & The Early Days on the new album!


Matt said...

Thanks and much love for the blog. Just got around to reading this. Expanding my horizons!

Gobi said...

crikey . . . loving The Black Angels, Valis. Thanks for sharing.

Cliff. said...

Ye Gods Gobi leaves a comment!!! Many thanks for 'yet again' introducing me to more fabulous sounds Valis. Is there no end to the talent eminating from Swedish shores?

I've never even heard of Erik's first tune in his top 10 so am off to investigate further. As for your answer to the question Erik posed you, have to agree with you all the way mon ami, the internet has provided mw with sooo many opportunities to experience music which would have been denied me otherwise, the downside is that I am and shall ever be a pauper as a result!

sr-71 said...

wow, Erik digs Gene Clark, the BJM, the Black Angels, Rain Parade and the Chesterfield Kings *AND* has a wicked ass guitar? it's too bad i'm already married 'cause i'm in love! i'm anxious to download & listen to their EP.

Chris said...

another fun and interesting ten questions and answers. thanks much also for offering music for free. extremely generous of Erik! looking forward to hearing it!!

sr-71 said...

wow, just got done listening to Erik's ep (or at least the first four songs, for some reason the fifth song didn't unzip correctly and I can't listen to it), and my man crush is totally justified. he not only has great taste, he makes wonderful music!