Friday, July 24, 2009

The Blog. Future.

Hail Voyagers!

Just wanted to let you know the comments over the past week, and the many private e-mails meant much and leaves me convinced there IS an audience for continuing this effort.

So, I'll be revising & revisiting some new ideas, as well as some old ones, in the coming weeks as i take a break from this. We'll return on Friday, August 14th, with some exciting new developments.

In the meantime, be advised of a few things psychedelic:

#1 - Plastice Crimewave has just released issue #8 of the Galactic Zoo Dossier! Highly recommended!

#2 - Massimo del Pozzo of Italy's Misty Lane has just issued #22 of his great magazine, as well as a book on the (Dutch) Outsiders! CQ your favorite distributor & get 'em!

#3 - Finally, enjoy this video which has haunted me for 36 hours now:

"He who fears death cannot enjoy life"...indeed! The blog's not going to die, just yet...



Cliff. said...

Sooo pleased to hear you've had a change of heart and that my fave Blog site is still with us; I'd be bereft without it.

Man that Dead Skeletons tune sinks right into the core of yer very being!

Gobi said...

I can see why this has haunted you. It's brilliant. This blog won't die you silly arse . . . it has been consistently brilliant.

sr-71 said...

This is very happy news, that your journey into psychedelia won't end whilst there is still so much more to explore and share. You know for which distant orb the controls need be set heartwise, faithful friend!

Chris said...

you continue sow seeds of curiosity and realization in my mind garden.

Bill said...

Glad you decided to stick it out a bit longer. From a purely selfish point of view I would have to find another example of a niche blogger following their passion.

Keep up the great work and look for the spike in visits mid October.



p.s. did you watch the shower last night?

-valis said...


GREAT to hear from you. (Though your "spike in visits" is a head-scratcher.)

It's 4am and I've just come in from an hour's viewing the Perseids...they're flying!