Friday, June 19, 2009

Sun Arise..!

Hail Voyagers!

As this SUNday marks the official Summer Solstice, (Northern Hemisphere), I thought I'd post this on Friday as opposed to waiting. Call it "something for the weekend."

Once again, just like last year, we invited several bands to participate in the "Surprise Summer Solstice" Compilation. And, just like last year, many took us up on said invite! Salute!

This year's compilation features 17 bands hailing from all over the globe: Belgium; the U.K.; Sweden; and the U.S. I think they're all worthy of our thanks and praise and hope you'll figure out your own way to do so. My own "thank you's" have been repeated, ad inf. Please make them know YOU appreciate the effort, too.

Also, before I start the proceedings, a big "Wow!" to Andrew Goldfarb, a/k/a The Slow Poisoner, for his original artwork, as well as our "graphics master"- gomonkeygo, for his refitting the material for this year's compilation. You're wizards!

OK, on with the show...your psychedelic psoundtrack for the Summer, 2009:

01 - Trevor Tyrrell - Trip the Upward Slip

Mr. Weird Owl gets the Summer started with a slow campfire track with a blaze and a fistfull of psilocybes...

02 - Bipolaroid - (Trip Inside This House of the) Rising Sun

We'd expect nothing less from the Man From New Orleans; ricketty and haunted, an absinthe provocateur...

03 - Cosmic Trip Machine - (Not) Very High

Belgium's entry is stronger than what comes from their monasteries, and better for you, too!

04 - The Time & Space Machine - The Trip (Inside This House)

Oh yeah! Richard Norris remakes one from Vol. II and treats to a special cake!

05 - The Resonars - Trip Inside This House

Desert-dwellers ratchet it up like a lick from a Bufo Alvarius...

06 - The Modeens - Sonic Daydream

More desert-dwellers! It ain't the water folks, it's the peyote...(does that saguaro answer back?)

07 - The Psychedelic Psynchronicity - My Golden Room

Who's THIS hiding behind a nom-de-fuzz and an Amanita Muscaria..? (Go ahead, bite from the left side, don't mind the Maggots, Mans!)

08 - SeepeopleS - What Makes It Go

Carolinians tippin' over the Apocalypse Cow checking for the Blue Foot...

09 - Alpha Stone - Planet 13

Bassman Pete recalls mate Kung Fu Clive and we all get a kick!

10 - Teenage Filmstars - Physical Graffiti

Ed Ball gifts us a scorcher to support OUR sickness...

11 - Todd Dillingham - Toys

Our Icthusian serves us the Sarpa salpa...

12 - The Nevermores - What Don't You Know (Trip Inside Version)

My own local hallucinogenic heroes have just the tonic.., and it's an opiate.

13 - Red Tyger Church - Alusha (Trip In Her House)

Californians deliver the goods, for medicinal use to be smoked slowly.

14 - Strangers Family Band - Strange Transmission

Our Sunshine State entry is no stranger to the power of the naturals...Salvia I think.

15 - La Fleur Fatale - Trip Inside

Sweet Swedes serve some sunshine. Sandoz considers relocation....

16 - The Flower Machine - Traveling By Trampoline

Come. Let them pour you a cuppa' tea.., then go ask Lori.

17 - Zombies of the Stratosphere - Blue To Black

New Yorkers make you get hip, get high, and get happy!

Get it here! Art!

Have a GREAT Summer everyone, most sincerely! Psychedelia forever!

And before I go trippin' into the sunset, let me share this with you:

Now the leaves are fallin' down
In this old cathedral town...
I'm a pilgrim and a stranger travelin' through, Mr. Blue.

I'm a scarecrow on a hill, I'm a lonesome whipporwhill,
we got hip, we hot high, we got happy.

I have found a strange motel
where they work to make you well,
and the Matron's blue kimono whispers and sways as she prays.

In the yard the zombies wait,
they don't know that it's too late
to get hip, to get high, to be happy...

My Marie
My Marie
No one knows what I did to be free
My Marie
My Marie

I must take another trip, inside this house, I lose my grip
and I cannot stop the shapes from takin' a hold of me
and if you're not comin' back I'll just fade from blue to black
we'll get hip, we'll get high, to be happy
we'll get hip, we'll get high, to be happy
we'll get hip, we'll get high, to be happy
we'll get hip, we'll get high...

---Zombies of the Stratosphere, Blue To Black

Enjoy friends! -valis


Dead Man said...

Happy solstice, valis. These compilations are incredible!

sr-71 said...

yowza, i'm still reeling from the first installment and this puppy looks like another mind melter! funny, i had just been wondering what red tyger were up to, you nutty psychic psychedelic provacateur...

Terry said...

Just as Dead Man said...Thank you so much. I'll be posting something Sunday.

Cliff. said...

Have a top 'Litha' mon ami. Much love from across the pond. I'm still realing to see my faves La Fleur Fatale included!

Anonymous said...

grooviest psych comp ive heard since last years solstice one !!

Chris said...

Congratulations Sir Valis on this splendid compilation of psuper psummer psyche!

....And Awesome job by all who contributed. BRILLIANT!


Anonymous said...

Hi Valis,
where can I found the link to download this compilation?

-valis said...

Hi Anonymous,

The download link is highlighted, after the band & tracks list, following # 17, the Zombies of the Stratosphere. It says "Get it here! Art!"
(The "here" highlighted is for the music, "Art!" is for the cover & inside as well as the back.)


Anonymous said...

Thanks Valis I found the link and congratullations for this great compilation.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this! Finally getting to listen to it for the first time and it's great!

Doowad said...

Great show today, thanks for opening to my eyes to what I had already heard. That is an incredible track from the Zombies of the Stratosphere...