Monday, November 17, 2008

The Wayback Machine

Greetings! Just a brief notice that The Wayback Machine will return in its usual guise & premise tomorrow. The reason for the one day delay is your writer/editor is preparing his psyche for the debut of Trip Inside This House, the radio show. Airs tomorrow, Tuesday, November 18th, from 5am to 7am here in the Central Temporal Zone of the US...that's 11am in the UK, noon in the major-and minor cities of Europa, 10pm in Australia & New Zealand...and damned early on the West Coast and the islands of the Pacific.

You can listen live at KDHX and/or access archived shows for up to three weeks post-airing.

Let's light 'em up! (Your neural pathways, that is!)



sr-71, ye olde blackbyrd of doome said...

best wishes on yr maiden voyage tomorrow. no doubt you'll be busting many a psychedelic cherry!

Chris said...

yeah! what sr-71 said.
break a leg pal!