Monday, November 10, 2008

The Not-So-Wayback Machine

HA! And now, for something completely different! We're not so much changing the spirit of this feature, just the letter. Today I'm driving and we're not going too far back. In fact, we're only going back a week or somewhere in England.

As many readers know, we're unabashed fans of The Higher State as we've had Mole and Marty on here before giving us their insights on psychedelia.

So, in an effort to recripocate with assistance I'm taking us all back to 2008 and letting the Higher State take us back to '67 with this video made to support their new 45 released by 13 O' Clock Records. Absolutely delicious sounds emanating from the collective hive-mind of these Folkestonians!


Rates, worldwide, available via the 13 O' Clock link above! The label is also releasing their second LP, Darker By The Day, in March, 2009!


sr-71 said...

i had heard that due to rising fuel costs people would be taking vacations closer to home, but had assumed the WBM would be exempt from this belt-tightening!

Cliff. said...

Great video but o' bugger, we have to wait until March 09 for the new album, how about you build a 'way forward machine' Valis!

Chris said...

love the video. CLASSIC!
thanks for the ride back to 2008 Valis! way to go Higher State!