Monday, October 06, 2008

The Wayback Machine

Hail Voyagers! It's October 6th, which means it's our great friend SR-71's birthday!
We think we've a suitably trippy time traveler for the occasion, too!

From Texas, Michael Clark of intodown!

"Michael Clark transcends all the usual musical definitions - his is a unique blend of blues, surf, '60s rock sensibilities and totally out-there psychedelia." Chuck Flores, Buddy Magazine

"We are simply a medium of exchange.", Michael Clark

Prepare yourselves!

You've been given a one-time opportunity to use The Wayback Machine; what band would you like to see, in what year, and what song would you most want to see them play?

Michael: Cool, i get to use the Wayback Machine!
It's so hard to find one that still works! So, i enter the WBM, get comfortable, put some munchies in my pocket for the trip and take out some double bubble gum. gum is important because traveling back in time makes your mouth dry. so, i type in the year, 1967, and the location - the gymnasium of a catholic high school in galveston, texas. i push the "transport" button - the big red one - close my eyes, and wait. and wait. this is a slow WBM. Wait, the door begins to open and i walk out onto the gymnasium floor. there are two stages; a big one and a not so big one. there's a band playing on the smaller stage. they look sort of silly. they're dressed in white, silk balloon sleeve shirts, green wide wale corduroy jeans, beatle boots and they're all wearing gold medallions. humm. what? that's me on guitar! and it looks like we've just finished a song and are leaving the stage. let's go to the big stage and see what's happening. there's a band getting ready to play. two guitar players, bass, drums and some fellow with a microphone and a jug. the drum head is very strange. there's a pyramid and an eye at the top of the pyramid. lots of colors. it says, 13th floor elevators. cool! the 13th floor elevators! they launch into a song i know very well, roller coaster. it's the song that changed my life decades ago. and now, the same thing is happening again! i hear the loud guitars and the pulsating sound of the jug. the big bass sound resonates thru my bones. i'm being transported to another place, to another reality. it's like i'm looking thru a kaleidoscope. all is see is the color of the sound. all i hear is roller coaster. all i feel is being one with the sound of the 13th floor elevators - to being on the roller coaster that is bending my mind and shaping my thoughts and my very being into what will forever shape how i am now.

Come on and let it happen to you
Come on and let it happen to you
you've got to open up your mind
and let everything come through
open up your mind and let everything come through

I've decided not to get back into the way back machine. i'm not going to return. i am here, now, just where i am meant to be. where i was always meant to be.

Thanks (!!!) Michael. (Check out intodown's album, Brave New World, at CDBaby!)


Cliff said...

Fabulous answer, those much sought after 'original' wayback machines, the ones with the big red transport buttons are so much more stylish than the m,achines that replaced them.Who can argue with Michael's chosen band and song.

~Çχ♡ said...

w00t! Michael Clark roXorz :D

I'm glad he plans on staying in this present dimension.

sr-71 said...

thx 4 the b-day wishes - i couldn't have chosen a better WBM trip myself!

Anonymous said...

V, I'd pay to get into this blog-You are the best. Thank you.