Monday, August 18, 2008

The Wayback Machine

Saludos amistosos y lunes feliz!
Today's special guest time-tripper hails from Argentina where his band is "muy caliente y salvaje", very hot & wild! Ladies, protect yourselves! It's Rolando Bruno of Los Peyotes!

Their 2005 LP, ¡Cavernícola!, is still a party fav' here and still available through No Fun Records; now signed to Dirty Water Records-an extension of the London area club, they've released two new 45s and a compilation of sorts, Introducing Los Peyotes, available here.

So, where does a wild man of the Argentine wanna' go?

You've been given a one-time opportunity to use The Wayback Machine; what band would you like to see, in what year, and what song would you most want to see them play?

Rolando: I would have liked to be in Peru in the 60s, 1964-65 and went to LOS YORKS shows! And to be present at when they interpreted songs like "PRONTO UN DOCTOR" or "ABRAZAME"!!! I believe that serious a fantastic psychedelic trip!

(Editor's Note: Phew! We agree! Here's a capsule bio' of Los York's by AMG's Mark Deming: "Los York's were one of Peru's leading rock & roll bands in the mid-'60s, but as the decade wore on their music began to take on the influence of the psychedelic revolution, and this album suggests that in 1968 the group was beginning to walk between two worlds at once. Most of Los York's 68 sounds like the work of a solid, no-nonsense garage band with tough, lean guitar work and a drummer who isn't afraid to hit, but vocalist Pablo Luna sounds uncommonly passionate on even the most ordinary numbers, and when the band starts to hit a groove on something with a bit more drive, he lets forth with plaintive murmuring and frenetic wails that sound like the cries of a man possessed. And when Luna really hits the top, the rest of the band seems eager to follow him, as evidenced by the wiry guitar freakouts on "Mira Tu" and the fuzzy sub-Clapton soloing on "La Alegria de Tu Amor" (a translated version of "Sunshine of Your Love"). Much of Los York's 68 is better than average Latin American garage rock, especially the emphatic cover of the Monkees' "Valerie" and the moody "La Punta de Mi Leguna," but it's when these guys stumble into the musical Twilight Zone that this really becomes something special."

Gracia y mas mas FUZZ, Rolando! Good luck to Los Peyotes!


sr-71 said...

yumm, Rolando has me thirstin' to hear both Los Yorks & Los Peyotes - once again, Senor V., I'm asking for a future Sunday special on south of the border garage psych sounds! will you hear my plea?

Cliff said...

Ah Rolando, that's where my llama got to! Lovin' anything to do with Peru and these garage sounds really hit the spot.

gerryboy67 said...

good stuff again, amigo grande!

Rolando Bruno said...

Hi Valis!!! haha really cool post!!!

greetings and fuzz from ARGENTINA